horay.  it's the day before new year's eve!  excitement abounds. 

this is my favorite time of year because it's an excuse to dress up, drink champagne and celebrate the end of the year.  you have no excuse to not participate.  i will be spending tomorrow evening with folks at the someday lounge to catch PPP and it will be magicalness.  guaranteed.

after work i plan to go buy some delicious champagne.  and I have tomorrow off, which makes tomorrow even more fabulous.  i plan on squeezing one more trip to the thrift store in honor of 2009.  and also cuz the jacket i've been eyeballing at the stupid downtown goodwill turned out to cost 75 bux.  seriously.  this is not ebay, goodwill.  jesus christ.  anyway, they smashed my dreams of a cute wool coat for tomorrow nite.  haters. 

2009 was stupid.  good riddance.  hello 2010. 

i really wanted to make a list of favorite things from this year, but this week has been super lame at work so i have had the time to do much about that. who cares. 

so here is a list of stuff i like at the moment.  hasn't changed much i'm sure since my last favorite list.

1. tanuki
2. charles shaw
3. dinosaurs
4. outerspace
5. waffles
6. pizza
7. summertime (cuz i miss it)
8. sparkles
9. goodwill

i can't think of ten right now.  maybe cuz i need some coffee.  mmmm ... coffee.

10. coffee.

alright kids.  meet me at my house tomorrow evening for delicious champagne and possible trader joe's deliciousness.  fatty is going to the store right now in his furry pants and snow boots. 


wakey wakey, eggs and bakey!

oh my goodness, people? what's new?  what did you eat for lunch today? i just ate a delicious tiny avocado sando.  it was pretty good. 

what a long weekend.  i think it would have been better if someone didn't steal my goddamn duvet cover from the laundry room.  who does that? i live in the same damn building. people irritate me.  this was made even more obvious by the fact that someone stole from me where i live.  shitheads. 

then this morning i was up for no reason at all at 3:30.  at first i thought it was the return of t-rex, but then i realized it was just a nightmare that he did return.  where is that guy anyway?  who cares. as long as i can live without him for a couple days, i'm a-okay.  oh.  back to my original gripe.  when you have to get up very early ... in fact, when it is too early to be alive one must compromise with the elements.  a while back good ol' anna sent me a link to someone's fun website with all sorts of fun stuff on it that i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed.  one of which was a damn bacon alarm clock!  it sent my heart aflutter.  it really did. 

so basically you wake up when you don't want to, but wait!  there's a surprise!  delicious bacon waiting for you! how sweet. wake n' bacon!!

this is me at the crack of dawn:

 ... what's this?  what's going on over thar?

oh! hello.  there it is.  the bacon surprise.  how sweet.

here's why the clock was made!  it's quite touching, actually:

"No one likes to wake up, especially by an alarm. This clock gently wakes you up with the mouthwatering aroma of bacon, just like waking up on a Sunday morning to the smell of Mom cooking breakfast. Unless you're Jewish."

true story!  i've never seen any jewish people eat bacon.  well, actually i did but they shall remain nameless ...

now, as a side note: when you write 'wakey wakey, eggs and bakey' is that how you spell it? i've always been curious about that.  it's really the type of thing you have to say out loud to get.

also, i want to note that when i first saw this curious feat of alarm clock/breakfast machine it made me happy.  it must have gotten very popular in the last month cuz it was featured on a bunch of websites.  holla!  those boys is s.m.a.r.t.

oooh.  you know what's also exciting?  new year's eve!  horay!  PPP is joining us from detroit at the fix!  i might fall over and die from excitement.  i've been looking forward to this nite for a very, very long time.  plus lifesavas are opening.  it's going to be so live!


today is wednesday.

i'm looking forward immensely to 4pm pacific time.  i will be released from the cold, lifeless clutches of work and into the loving arms of a long muthafuckin weekend.  holla! 

apparently this week is all about books.  i'm okay with that.  i really am. 

i saw this a couple places this week because it is awesome.  this is from the good old soviet olden days of the 80s; a children's book called hello, i'm a robot by stanislav zigunenko.  the drawings are done by e. benyaminson.  the book was made like twenty years or something. look how amazing these illustrations are!  fantasticalness.


so amazing and magical. 

happy festivus, people!


sun break!

i wish the glorious sun would heighten my mood right now.  this morning i woke up to the most disgusting cat fart ever.  it was horrible!  plus fatty was just sitting there purring like he didn't do anything.  but i know better.  plus it was 4:15 in the morning. for chrissake, who does that??? anyway, today is not faring well at all.  i am thinking thoughts of the long weekend ahead and drinking a lot of water today. 

over the weekend i hung out of powell's in the pearl room because there's hardly ever anyone up there. plus it's where the good stuff is.  after about three hundred years of weaving my way around annoying christmas shoppers and screaming children i made it upstairs and found the best thing evar.  taschen has a new book out called los angeles, portrait of a city

i'm really obsessed with this city i am from because it is a magical place. some people hate it with the same amount of passion i have for loving it.  it's okay.  but one thing i love about los angeles is the history behind it.  i think it's really intriguing to see the pictures of the land that los angeles used to be and then see what is currently on the land.  literally, the development of that city has occured most prominently within the last one hundred years.  barely even one hundred years.  beverly hills wasn't even really around until the 20's.  it's so crazy how much development, deterioration, crime and history has been built up in this short time.

 there are quite a few books on the subject of los angeles and its history in picture form and they are always different. i never see the same perspectives or pictures.  this book is the shit.  there are also a lot of photos by one of my favorites cc pierce.  he's cool.  it's like four inches thick and has a bazillion photos.  one picture that was totally crazy to me was undeveloped laurel canyon which is now thick with homes and pavement.  and even the site where graumans is now.  there used to be a little tiny shack that sold oranges or something.  it was insane!  i need to get that book because it's the most comprehensive i've ever seen of the city and has a lot of great stories in it (english, french and german!). 

there are also a lot of things in the book that i wish still existed.  like d.w. griffith's epic set of intolerance at hollywood and sunset, the googie architecture, oh and the natural landscape.

one of the old school drive ins that dotted the city back in the day. 

making a film in downtown during the heyday of hollywood. 

the old hollywoodland sign.  what's great about this picture is the absence of the concrete valley in the background. 

speaking of l.a. ... it is a sad day today also cuz i learned the root down at the little temple is no more after last thursday.  what a bumout.  i loved going to that when i would be back home.  hopefully it is just a hiatus.  the rootdown began twelve years ago and was always destined to be the best.  r.i.p. dj dusk.


oh my goodness.

today sucks.  i officially want to crawl into a hole and die. 

and it also sucks even more cuz the stuff i wanted from the rodarte line is sold out online! i refuse to do target during this time of year.  refuuuuuuuuse to go there.  i know i said i would, but now i refuse.  all those christmas shoppers make me want to gouge my eyes out.  to make a long story short, they've killed my desire for any rodarte clothing.  after all, it's just clothing, right?  i'm rolling my eyes right meow.  dammit!

i have two more holiday functions to do this week and i don't think i'm going to make it.  i never want to see a glass of mulled wine after saturday.  no mas. 

delicious vinyl came out with some sweet gear for girls.  record companies never cater to my need for representing.  i'm not joking.  it's usually a no likey situation. 

here's a closeup of the other style available.  i wants it! it's at karmaloop

I haven't really been digging stuff as much at karmaloop because i hate looking at their models!  some of them are way too corny and ruin the whole idea of shopping online altogether.  i'm sure you understand. 

check out these cute little mitten friends from deLux!  aw man.  they are so adorable.   


at this point in my life i am more likely to not wear the coon gloves on account of the fact that i will probably lose one and will be very, very sad.  so ima just stick with the delicious vinyl sweater. and i'm totally ordering the glorious, fabulous, wonderful  hot dog coin purse.  i can't wait.



just browsing through tiny town and look what i found! 

what i want to know is how franck allais does the small people thing.


ya ever hear those tracks that are so magical that make all time stop and brings a tear to your little eye? well, i hear them on occasion and last nite was definitely no exception.  dan played this joint off of a jazzy jeff ep that came out a looooooong time ago. the track is 'are you ready?' featuring slum village, produced by j. dilla himself.  what an earthly delight. the song only came out on the ep that jazzy jeff put out, which means i have to search the internet high and low for it.  at least it will give me something to do today. 



aw, you guys.  i miss the fugees!  somehow, i wish they'd come back to me.  at least lauryn.  what a bumout.

i took a walk down memory lane with their bootleg album last nite.  this made me happy. 


it was the best of times. it was the blurst of times.

tanuki time tonite!   again.  i can't wait.  last time i went i had both a thrilling time and a sad realization.  numero uno was  bacon kimchi chigae!   hello.  it was quite astounding and i had it with this salted plum sake and it made me go into kimchi/sake coma for a little while.  oh yes! numero dos was that our favorite sake pourer is leaving to work for her friends pizza company.  lamezo.  her replacement better be awesome. or hot.  i don't care.  hopefully both. 

in other news, why is this week practically killing me? god. the seconds are lasting hours. actually, years.

a while back i posted a thing about this guys mark weaver who i am totally in loooooove with.  he does this thing where he makes something awesome every day.  well, i check in on his site and he's still doing the awesome thing.  horay! here are some juicy tidbits from his behance.  jkjk!  i never posted something about mark weaver.  i meant to.  previously i posted about brock davis.  my bad. whatevs.

I found other neat things on the internets yesterday, but now i'm too lazy to post.  plus, i have tanuki on the brain and that pretty much is debilitating, ya heard?


brighter days.

i am running on empty, kids. in the past two days only eight measley hours of sleep!  how stupid. it's my fault.  plus i could not miss out on ben's funtimes birthday at the red fox.  we ate cupcakes and i drank many wines.  horay. 

the highlight of yesterday was not only walking approximately eight million miles in the rain in really tall heels with no umbrella, but the fact that i made it to everyday music in one piece. this rain is shit, but i was determined to get my paws on that blakroc.  after procuring this album and some delicious bread from the store i went home and listened to it around eleventy times before leaving the house.  i feel like it definitely is one of the most legitmate albums i've bought this year.  top five even.  it's so good.  and nicole wray.  nicole wray!  i have a major girl crush on her cuz she's simply amazing.  one of my favorite tracks on the album is why can't i forget him.

 i really suggest this album. like really suggest it.  if you're open minded, that is.  i can see some people who are very fundamental about their 'types' of music being snobs about this kind of crossover but in my opinion they can eat a deck.  ya heard!?  two paws up!  this week has been that kind of week for sure.  and today i'm having a great hair day which is totally the best ever. 

tomorrow i am going to be caught up on sleep and come to work with even better hair than today.  maybe i'll be able to motivate myself and tell you guys about all the wonderful things i've found on the internets today. 

who's in the mood for latkes?  i know i am!


hello, world.

today is monday and this baby is super duper tired.  i find it completely unfair and unreasonable that i must be at work today when i could be sleeping in my bed right meow.

friday my champagne wishes and caviar dreams came true!  i was able to purchase dam-funk's toeachizown.  let' me tell you, i was not disappointed.  it was funky and it made me quite happy.  plus it's two discs long, or five vinyl, and it is a magical experience.

and even more magicalness will happen this week when i get new blakroc.  oh happy day. 

hey guess what?  this thursday is going to be so good.  i cannot wait. i may just sleep until then so i'll be extra excited.  maseo at the fix.  holla!

this is the cut for real.  this song kills it every time i hear it! two paws up, son.


party season.

i honestly hate the holidays. everyone flipping their lids about buying presents and crap.  who cares? not me, that's who.  i am buying someone a present and that's me.  plus, the only fun thing about the holiday season is party season, i know you feel me on this. 

i am seriously full of excitement over rodarte's new line for target.  i have slept on the countless amounts of times they've brought in fabulous designers, like alexander mcqueen, and i refuse to do that this time around.  rodarte are amazing girls and i love them a lot.  the stuff they're cranking out is so nice and sweet that i want it all.  so, for this holiday season i plan to buy something nice for me. horay! 

their whole look book can be seen on ny mag. and it's going to be in stores december 20.  be still my heart.

 i want this outfit.  mustard yellow.  i likey.

ooh. actually, i want this one.  yes.

however, if you feel you absolutely must buy me a present i will not protest.  let me remind you that i still do not have my favorite wallet on toddland.  hamburger deliciousness!  this is a must have accessory for me for 2010.  i will not be able to live without one.  meat accessories need to happen.  they even have a happy hot dog coin purse!  why aren't they mine yet?  why!?

oh shit.  i'm an asshole.  it's muthafucking sold out.  again!  well, that'll give you time to contemplate whether you want to buy me the hot dog or the hamburger.  they're both equally as cute.  well,  i am quite partial to hamburgers.  i'm drawn to those little sesame seeds, ya know?



me likey.  i plan on making this album purchase on the 15th.

someone come bring me some coffees.  stat! 

i can't wait for free food this evening.  oh yes. and free food tomorrow too!  i'm totally scoring this week.  too bad for tomorrow though, cuz in order to get free food i have to socialize with jerks from this office.  bammer.  at least it's at the portland art museum, right? 


beards today.

i honestly wish today that i had a beard. or more hair so i could wrap it around my face.  this morning on the way to work i almost fell over and died.  I'm not even playing.  plus, yesterday i went to eat food with erin and the wind was so biting and strong that i couldn't even make it up the damn hill on my bike.  i had to get off like a totally baby and walk up the hill to williams.  so embarassing.  anyway, it was coldy cold cold and my face hurt from the wind and this was because i do not have a beard! on the upside of not having a beard it's having beard related thing that i can buy on the internets. 

i think karen and i are going to buy some lovely ski masks with mustaches on them. OR buy actual beards from this girl erin dollar on her etsy site.  she's really quite amazing, if you ask me.  i like the shag rug beard especially.  she has a blog that is really neat.  it's all beard related!  like how i'm obsessed with bacon and cats, she's obsessed with facial hair.  there's a large market for beards these days, apparently.  wait, i just realized she's from portland.  typical. i'm just saying, dang. I think once you move to the northwest you have no choice but to be all about beards. and bacon.

but i still want the ski mask. 


hep cat.

this is such a classic looney toons cartoon!  some weird dialogue as well :] 

once more, with feeling.

goddammit.  i had funny things to say that i thought of when i was walking in the freezing cold last nite.  now i can't remember shit.  so typical.  in one ear and out the other or whatever. that don't even make sense.  gooooooooo.

SO!  what's new, guys?  anything fun and/or exciting this weekend?  i'm in the mood for my blue blanket and a bottle of wine.  i got this blanket at good will over the summer and it totally rules the world.  i even saw fatty making a biscuit on it the other day. what a rascal!  can you blame him?  i know i can't. 

so today i'm totally obsessed with two things.

number one:  school is ova today.  officially.  yesterday was unofficial cuz i forgot about the test i have to take.  good thing i didn't study.  yay me!

number two is this collage thing done by studio lindfors.  so fun!  they did collages of various cities completely submerged by sea water.  i think it's rather romantic, no?  puppies playing in the water.  fishing.  swimming. boating.  the regular ol' hum drum of hanging out in a flooded city.  doesn't make much sense, but who cares.  just cuz you know, when stuff gets flooded it gets mostly disgusting.  at any rate.  this is neat.


cock waaaaffle.

this is totally major.  me and the dudes are having a holiday get together in january cuz all those bitches are leaving me at the end of december.  pretty rude if you ask me.  anyway!  we were at ben's house dranking delicious whiskey on friday nite discussing this.  a couple things are definitive.  number one: holiday.ham.  that's right!  very exciting.  number dos:  cock waffles.  what are cock waffles you say?  well ... i'll tell you (please don't be jealous).  waffles in the shape of penises.  or could it be penii?  I prefer to call them penii.  it's more fun.  I plan on putting bacon in some of them.  i mean, why not?  sounds good to me.  

has anyone noticed lately that it is ass chapping cold outside? me no likey.  except i like it when I layer around this time of year cuz then i don't get all sweaty. ga-ross!! back to my original story, it's muthafuckin cold as shit outside.  but you know what? WHO CARES.  i'm sick of talking about the weather.  i will mention though that it's only 4 more months until springtime and my birthday! 

for my birthday please remember:  planet earth.  want want want want want. 

i was off the internets for so many days this last week that i feel i hardly know what to do or where to go.  it's a sad state of affairs, let me tell you what.  well, after school is over aka tonite!  I will be free to roam the internets at my leisure and post crap about bacon!  wait, i already do dat.  well, you get the idea. 

blah blah. i'm boring myself.  i'm going to watch spaghetti cat.  yayyy!

oh wait, i had one more thing to say.  the sartorialist.  he apparently went babe spotting in milan because check out this slightly foxy hipster he found.  toms: check.  skinny jeans that are slightly rolled showing zee ankle: check.  casual tee: check.  nice hair: check.  hipsters over thar do it so much better. plus, they don't ride no dang fixed gears.  ya feel me?


crossword wednesdays.

i finished a new york magazine crossword this morning.  it was very exciting.  legalese.

the last one i got didn't make sense to me at first though.  maybe cuz i'm dumb.  the clue was 'wrong time to interrupt a judge's meal?' the answer was 'when his honor is at steak'  not funny. seriously, it's stupid. but i do enjoy steak, so i can understand why they put that in there. 

this long weekend, i learned a very import detail about the human being:

     the innate ability of modern human beings to disconnect completely with the world around them. 

people can sever themselves from reality in situations even when others are in danger.  but who cares?  no one really does.  just because someone is a stranger doesn't make them less vulnerable and human than you are.

i'm really glad december finally decided to roll through. it took long enough.  i think, i hope, it will bring better days and happier thoughts.  and more makers.  lord knows i need summa dat. 


good times.

i've done this before and i'm doing it again. 

in fact, i will probably continue to do it as long as I shall live!!!  it's yet another ... spaghetti cat throwback!  a very special shout out to chisa and my husband joel mchale, the only two people in the world that read my blog.

i wish joel mchale would read my blog, actually.  god i am so in love with him.  i wonder if he's into eating blt's?  probably.  he seems  like that kind of guy, if you know what i mean. 

i'm starting to compile a very comprehensive of list of food people tend to over-indulge in.  for example:

a) eating a whole jar of peanut butter (let's be honest, people! this is totally possible).
b) cooking a frozen pizza then eating the whole damn thing.  oops.  we've all done it.
c) pringles.  duh.
d) ice cream. 
e) frozen items from trader joe's. 

you see,  people do things they are ashamed to admit, but I know you better than you think.  I know you're sitting there right meow with a bag of doritos in your little paws and working your way down to the bottom of the bag.  you know what?  it's totally okay! 


little things.

the new yorker's november 23rd issue is going to be all food related.  how exicted are you? i know i am.  plus there's a floating pumpkin pie on the cover.  holla.  basically november 23rd is going to be a very good day.  not only for this new yorker, but also wax poetic's new issue! curtis mayfield and radio raheem on the cover?  hello.  i'm so into it.


it's the little things in life that keep me going. 

i'm in the mood for toast right now.

thank goodness for eat me daily i would literally have nothing to live for. 


favorites versus favorites.

this is my new favorite video. i like the song. i like the movement. i like the colors.  i like.  thanks anna!

grizzly bear with ready, able:

other favorite!  on sunday when we were doing sunday stuff i stumbled across this flyer.  im pretty sure i got an email about this chick before her opening, but i prolly deleted it cuz i'm hateful in that sort of way.  jkjk.  no, really.  i am. 

anyway. anna fidler made some paintings inspired by the blazers.  it's kind of a wtf situation, but in a good way.  i mean, i don't recall seeing other nba teams with fine artists doing their stuff.  ms. fidler loves basketball and there is nothing wrong with that.  it's pretty epic, even if you have to remove it from the blazers context. 

she has other majesticness like fjords, bogs rainbow and mountains.  how could you not love her?? 

my one complaint for real is that she does not capture pryzbilla's babeliness. bammer.  she has a show at disjecta on interstate that ends on december 20th.  two paws up.

oh ya, since she spends time in l.a. where are my muthafukkin lakers paintings?  i know how it is to have to live a double life loving the lakers and the blazers.  it's rough out there.  especially lakers vs. blazers ... don't get me started. 


good news tuesday.

well, not good news but whatever.  this morning i totally found five dollars on the ground!!  years of avoiding eye contact with people and staring at the ground when i walk has finally paid off!  who knew?  things seem to be looking up perhaps.  i even dreamt last nite, which was the first time in a while.  well, ones that i remembered.  it wasn't necessarily a good dream, but it meant something nonetheless. 

i need happy shapes and happy colors.  i found this lovely young gentleman on behance, my favorite land in all the land.   jordan van den nieuwendijk has some nice little illustrations on his behance thing.  i like.  it makes me gleeful and stuff.  i'm into that right now.  it kind of is bwana spoons-ish.  maybe? whatever. it's so adorable it makes me want to vomit!

fatty is sick.  his ass better be okay, cuz mama needs to buy some new music. 

i wants oh no's ethiopium!  just came out on stones throw and i have to have it.  it's longer than the original mp3 album he released a while back.  want want want! 

oooooh what i really covet is dam funk's double album toeachizown.  i need to skip on down to 360 and give them all my monies.  sooooooooooon.  god it's probably so super funky.  i can't wait. 

i'm bored.


feeling the burn.

this morning i was walking down 18th and i saw this dude on the back of a shopping cart, riding it really fast down the street.  my first reaction was that it was a really bad idea, cuz of all the soggy leaf action on the street and lack of brakes on shopping carts.  however, he looked really amped about riding that thing.  then like three blocks later there was a different dude, riding on a shopping cart in the same manner.  these guys have to have been frenz.  if they weren't, they need to totally get on that. 

this weekend was weird, but mostly pleasant.  low would be a nice descriptive word of how i've been feeling.  it's annoying, i think.  seeing the friends and going on adventures was a nice outlet though; i even had the opportunity to eat a delicious pie in the freezing cold with some of the dudes.  yay.  brisket to the dome!

a good friend of mine made my day yesterday and got me something to lift my spirits.  The Sartorialist's Scott Schuman has a new book on the many styles on his blog.  it's so freaking amazing!  it makes me want to fall over and die.  plus, there are many babely men featured in this books which is also quite nice.  we sat in the car in front of the shutterbug and flipped our lids over stylish amazingness.  oh yes.

speaking of things that make me want to fall over and die.  this girl's picture is on his blog from a few days ago.  this girl totally takes the cake with her amazing coat.  want want want. plus that belt ... jesus.


today is thursday.

 if you cold be a sando, what sando would you be?  i'm a blt. obvy. this is an oldie but a goodie (the quiz).

this morning i was looking at fatty sitting on the cat rug and i noticed that he was extra fluffy this morning.  then it dawned on me that i never started my crucial painting project of animals with beards.  i also still have not done bruce riding on a horse like napoleon.  i can't wait for winter break.  i am going to drink wine and paint, the best winter activity i'd say. 

i was going to go to parker's waffles today to get a free waffle and i forgot.  how lame.  i was really looking forward to whatever goodness they have on deck. 

speaking of goodness on deck.  a few years ago i came upon this hamburger dress by joy kampia (the fiber queen!) and i still don't have it!  this makes me sad.  although i'm not sure how i'd feel about people trying to touch my buns in that dress,  it's very tactile.  i know you know what i'm talking about ...

when i encountered the hamburger dress, i also encountered a submission i did for the funbook a few years back!  pony face!  i'm still bummed they lost this.  jerks.  but it reminded me about the bearded animal project and this whole entire rant (except the waffle thing and hamburger tangent). for a little while i'm going to focus my energy on finding only meat related textiles.  there's probably a whole market out there dedicated to it and i don't know about it yet. 

tomorrow is friday.  this is exciting news.  i think i'm going to celebrate pay day with some delicious falafels. 

shout out to anna!  maybe i'll do a painting of washu dripping in joolries.



well, today i was going to look for good things that were meat related and i really didn't have to look very far.  eat me daily had a post on a show the mew gallery in Philly (i originally put that it was in boston,  damn i'm dumb! ha.) is having.  all bacon related!  excellent choice.  excellent, excellent choice.  who doesn't love bacon?  i know, everyone loves it.  this is great.

they had a link on their site to mike geno's meat art blog.  holla!  we probably need to be friends so we can talk about meat's role in the art world.  fucking  perfect. 


they had a photo of this on their website:

bacon magnets!  you can get them at sappy moose tree  want want want!

 mike geno is the shit.


when was the last time you stepped in dog shit? no, i'm totally serious about this!  when was the last time? don't lie!  it's everywhere and it's hiding underneath the fallen leaves.  curses!  aaaaand since we live in portland, there's also the chance of stepping in 'other' poop, which ... i don't even know what to say about that. i was having a very intellectual conversation about this at the matador last nite. since i left the damn house today that's all i smell.  it's fucking with me, for real. 


today i'm way into videos.  this is a portion of shorts titled 'revenge' and it's by lernert engelberts and sander plug.  so neat.  the music is by sufjan stevens.  holla!  their site is right here, son!

Revenge from Lernert & Sander on Vimeo.

their video on color correction is really crazy.  you should check it out!

i'm really in the mood for meat related artwork.  it's been a while, you know?  i should scour the internets tomorrow for something possibly brisket related perhaps?  oooh,  that reminds me.  i found this chick on etsy called hamburger panda who has some ridiculous prints and tees!  one being a bacon fish!!!  she says "This is the fish that bacon would come from, if bacon came from fish."

cindy, let's get married where the baconfish are wild.  if you were a baconfish, where would you live?


sweet things.

this weekend i was very blessed cuz i spent it doing manly stuff with my dude dudes.  we played wizard staff on friday nite.  i totally lost cuz my staff didn't get higher than my knees.  we ate a lot of zza, so i guess that's pretty much a win.  saturday nite we drank scotch and sat on the porch in the pouring rain.  it would have been better if i had a beard and was wearing flannel.  i'm sure you feel me on that one. 

good weekend, lots of rain. lots of thinking.  sometimes ... you have to wait it out for those sweet moments.  those moments where everything seems to tune in effortlessly.  the perfect photo with all of its beautiful imperfections.  i'm waiting.

this week i'm practicing patience and i want to be more accepting of people's annoying traits.  ask me about it.

today i like this:  yuta onada


ay dios mio.

ho hum.  what to do, what to do.

i'm really into abigail reynolds on this day, which is friday.  friday the sixth.  horay. 

photos are from her lovely little website. she is the origami/found photo master, act like you know.

this weekend i plan on spacing out HARD.  more than normal.  you can tell cuz that statement was in all caps.  going to concentrate on my photo project with mindy.  i accomplished a T last nite, which is good.  now i have to photograph the rest of the alphabet.  it will be done. 

augen gallery after work today!  jim riswold looks pretty legit, so i'm going to peep that out. holla!

ha.  damien hirst makes a rug:

what a little rascal!

who doesn't love the pharcyde? it's definitely a pharcyde day.   


shapes of sweetness.

corey thompson is so cute i am going to vomit.  what is going on here?  oh jesus.  so adorable.  i want to hang out with corey and talk about cotton candy and sandwiches. 

website is shapesofsweetness.  weeeee!!!  there is a bunch of cute stuff on his site.  holla!

my head hurts today. i need outta here.