stuff I'm into.

I'm going to start making more lists of stuff I'm into. last nite I went on a fruitless journey with Sean to Jamison park to stick our paws in the water and here are my top three things. I haven't added to the list yet, but I'm going to add to it.

1. Dinosaurs. DUH.
2. Popsicles.
3. Outerspace.

Sean hates outerspace because obviously we're never going to reach it or actually SEE it or form communities on space ships like in movies, ya know? I mean I GET IT, but outerspace is amazing. it just keeps going and going or something! who knows, I don't. and as predicted he rolled his stupid eyes when I said outerspace is where it's at. what a jerk! he doesn't know what's up, I think. Anyway, we both agreed that dinosaurs are always awesome. so that's a start. plus who doesn't love popsicles?

this morning didn't seem as unbearable as the last few morning, with concern to the heatwave we're having. I wish that Jamison park wasn't filled with stupid kids and their parents with huge strollers. and those crazy drunk people. life would be so much better if we could just chill there and have a beer. for reals.

Also, I think I'm going to start detailing stuff that I don't like. I know, I know ... this list might take a while, but I'm trying to back off the haterade these days. Anyway.


day one.

yesterday I was at my new spot. sitting and just about exhausted every once of energy in me. moving. unpacking. i feel like I do that way more than I'd like to. I mean, my life hasn't exactly been stable these days. I find such little solace in the friends I have these days, some of them are really solid though. when I see them or talk to them, even if it's a rarity, it feels so comforting.

what I really want and won't admit, is that I need some stability. something more than what I'm doing. I look for something to complain about when stability is offered almost every time. I need to learn to embrace that emotion. of feeling grounded. It can't be that bad.

what led me on this was that I was showing stephan my scrapbook that Mindy made me a few years ago. what an amazing gift. she really knows who I am, and I think that if she even made it now it would be perfect too! I haven't seen her in a long time, but no matter what we're always tight homies. I love that.

I want to get back to the little things in life. I've been ignoring some of my most favorite things for reasons I'm not really sure of. I want to get back into my head and lose myself to a roll of film.

I'm going to post some photos this week. I think I want to start off in venice and end up where I am now. I'm on it.