day one.

yesterday I was at my new spot. sitting and just about exhausted every once of energy in me. moving. unpacking. i feel like I do that way more than I'd like to. I mean, my life hasn't exactly been stable these days. I find such little solace in the friends I have these days, some of them are really solid though. when I see them or talk to them, even if it's a rarity, it feels so comforting.

what I really want and won't admit, is that I need some stability. something more than what I'm doing. I look for something to complain about when stability is offered almost every time. I need to learn to embrace that emotion. of feeling grounded. It can't be that bad.

what led me on this was that I was showing stephan my scrapbook that Mindy made me a few years ago. what an amazing gift. she really knows who I am, and I think that if she even made it now it would be perfect too! I haven't seen her in a long time, but no matter what we're always tight homies. I love that.

I want to get back to the little things in life. I've been ignoring some of my most favorite things for reasons I'm not really sure of. I want to get back into my head and lose myself to a roll of film.

I'm going to post some photos this week. I think I want to start off in venice and end up where I am now. I'm on it.

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