something cool.

Brock Davis. going with the notion of making something everyday he came up with some really amazing stuff. here's a small snippet of his creativity during that time. you can find him at http://www.behance.net/laserbread

here's my favorite. are you ready??? it's a burger shaped wallet!!! srsly. I know, I'm kind of on the meat-train today, but who isn't? that's what I thought.

anyway. I want this. BAD. 24 bucks at http://toddland.bigcartel.com? not bad for a burger in my pocket!

it's way better than a burger in a can. no lie.

drank umbrellas + meat cubes.

I found this on Gizmodo today. I love the idea of making a lamp of something as completely useless as a drank umbrella. the soft shape and soft lighting of this structure comlement each other perfectly. ku.dos.

also found on gizmodo was this aesthetically pleasing meat cube! oh joyous joy. I think this is straight out of the anemic files. look at this thing. i mean, the only thing that I think would improve this is maybe some mayo or harissa? yum. I really want one. no joke. two paws up! there were some other meaty looking structures, too phalic to reproduce here, kids. actually, they weren't phalic, but the excessive use of sausages is highly suggestive. just sayin.


I stumbled across this video a whiiiiile back and just came across it again! this is one of the more astounding videos of stop motion film that i've seen created by the artist Blu in Buenos Aires. it's simply amazing ... Muto is totally nutty and I love it.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.



I'm really into this girl who makes earrings and stuff with feathers. her shop is Fleathers on Etsy. so cute!!! her blog is www.IHEARTTOPSTITCH.BLOGSPOT.COM

hot shit.

favorites update.

okay. so my list of favorites still stands as

1. Dinosaurs.
2. Popsicles.
3. Outerspace.

expanding to more:

5. pizza.
6. booze.
7. park hanging.
8. sasquatch.

I wish the summer wasn't over so soon. it's a sad, sad thing. it really is.

are you kidding me?

seriously? this must be some kind of joke, because time for real is not moving forward. it is, in fact, moving backward.

the only thing I have of interest to report is that I am going to embark on a mission to create delicious, delightful honey wine! aka, mead. it's simply just fermented honey in water. maybe some spices. I'm hoping I can pull it off! i need some supplies like a bucket and a thing of honey, but i think that's the easy part. booze times!

and if this booze times does occur, I want to have a flask of this honeyed wine whilst cruising on our pocket bikes. know what I mean, son? yea.


yesterday was weird. I talked to someone about my mom's bullshit that she put on me. it felt alright to unload to an unknowing party. I need to feel less irritation towards my environment. after all, no one acts like that around me. I need to lay off.

I cooked and snuggled fatty against his will and was soon bored. I walked over to yurs and hung out. I was still bored. I feel so boooooored all of a sudden. I know why. but whatever. I'm trying to be in a better mood today. I just feel haunted with thoughts lately.

I need a hug.


really though.

hey, so this is how it is. I am stuck in this situation. still unknowing, even though I know what I want. I can't tell what is supposed to happen or what I'm supposed to do. am I to blindly feel my way through this? I have to overcome the idea that I have to work at this. to communicate. Im so lost. so confused. I feel like I should know. I've grown accustomed to not overanalyzing things to the point of irritation and further confusion. when I just let things happen I feel just as confused.

last nite I felt so alone. I've been listening to the same records on repeat. that's just how I feel. stuck in the same groove as the day before, but the time is different the air is different. the sense of belonging doesn't change though. I just want someone to connect to me the way I see connections in others.

disconnection hurts more than any thing I can think of.

the weight of love is something I crave so desperately I feel like I'm floating. I want to be closer to the earth through love. weighted down by thoughts of love, infinite.


guilty simpson//stress///dilla

I got this yesterday at 360. it's a must have. perfect melody. perfect words. everything is good about this. two paws up, son!


I'm so tired today. I won't even tell you about what happened last nite because it's not worth it. I think it may have been worth it had it not been for what has become a pattern. a pattern that is completely laughable. I don't even know what to say.

it's raining this morning and it feels really good. I rode in this morning hoping to get out a funk I've been in and it didn't really do anything for me. I feel less thank thrilled at the thought of being out this week. I just want to sleep and think. I wish I could close my eyes sometimes and drift into the next week.



Janeiro Jarel and Khujo Goodie are a remarkable combination as Willie Isz with their debut album Georgiavania. This combination seems completely out of the blue to most people that are familiar with their styles of music, but it is so very perfect! Janeiro Jarel is an amazing producer, whose music is from some crazy, funky hip hop space station. Khujo Goodie's style is almost on an opposite end of the spectrum from that. a very focused, deep look at issues with a firm delivery of word, his voice is pure and stands out among southern rappers moreso than many of that time. goodie mob was it. their combination sounds so good and janeiro jarel lend's Khujo Goodie some bounce. It's something that you can't really give a description that would justify this new sounds. we've been needing a new take on hip hop lately and I like what I'm hearing. Jarel always uses tracks that you wouldn't normally hear in the hip hop arena, well not necessarily but every song he uses works so well and khujo seamlessly projects his voice over the melodies. it's so good, super funky. I give this one two paws up.

I really also want to get Spinna's new album, Sonic Smash. Definitely maintaining his signature style that is super melodious and beautiful but adds a strong hip hop element. This is really welcomed as a change in style and Spinna is so amazing that he could probably produce any type of sound. this album gets two paws up.

two things I'm disappointed in, but not surprised. Georgia Anne Muldrow and Dudley Perkins. I feel bad, because I'm always on the fence about the music these two knuckleheads put out. I really appreciate 100% the work that GAM does for her work as well as other musicians, but sometimes when I buy her stuff I listen to it twice (once out of curiosity, the second time out of pity) and then shelve it for life. Dudley is on some other shit, that I have to really be in the mood for. Holy Smokes was entirely produced by GAM, which is dope too. on GAM's Umsindo the song "Roses" is also on Mos Def's new album, but on hers he is not on the track which kind of gives me the sads. I think I'm going to take the leap and get her album anyway, becuase it's super fonky and spacey and I can get into her stuff a bit more than Dudley. I give it one paw up.

Pick these up at 360 Vinyl!

mountain sitting.

we got to hang out at the top of mount hood forest this weekend. it was so amazing! it was on this gentle sloping hill that had soft ground cover all around us. kind of like sand. our spot overlooked the entire valley basically and at night we could hear the wind whipping through tree tops. it was all very magestic and beautiful. all of us had some pretty epic dreams through the weekend. the first nite they were all bad. the next nite most of slept a little better. erin had a dream that julia made a pinata which got stolen. when it was smashed open by ben there were condoms and wads of cash in it. ben got 28 clams. erin got the same.

we forgot to howl at the moon! lame.

the most lovely thing about the weekend were our in depth conversations about farts. I think we really have something there. we plan to make t-shirts and sell them on the side of the road. the one for napa, which I think Karen came up with, is 'I crop dusted Napa Valley' and have some kind of funny graphic to accompany the text. so epic, wouldn't you agree?

bruce was being really bossy this weekend. but it was cute so we gave him hot dogs and let him chase the flies.

also, we're going to start a blog on French toast, which will also moonlight occassionally as a fart information blog. just in case. for our French toast blog, we'll all be contributing our reviews in and around the Northwestern region of America. I think it's going to blow up. real talk.


another thing

this gives me the happies.


polaroid style films will be back in effect asap! joyous joy. thank you dave bias for being so rad.

aaand we're back.

I don't know about y'all but I am ready for a break! I haven't been doing much, I guess, but I need to get out of here. there's stuff going on this weekend that I didn't really want to miss, but whatever. tonite there's rockbox, the standard party jams that we all love. the boys aren't able to do it next month because of musicfest, so Ill have to be without until october. a travesty. tomorrow evening is The Last Splash, fashion show, over at the swimming pool on portland blvd. kind of bummed I'm not going to be able to do that since Dan is spinning. oh wells. then sunday I think there will partytimes for birthdays. lots of things.

most importantly, and back to my original point, is that I'm going to be out of town. in the muthafucking woods! holla. we're heading to trillium lake tonite with a bottle of tequila, some bread and pb & j. maybe some beef jerky. I don't give a shit. so long as we get to traipse around in the trees and what not.

I splurged today. I know I shouldn't have, but I had to! before I would have spent my pennies on shitty clothes from forever 21. no more. I now think that I understand what it means to have those few extra bucks. now I can splurge on ocassion without feeling too bad about it. I went to 360 Vinyl with the intention of getting Sa-Ra's new album Nuclear Evolution: The Age of Love. It's so good!!!!! jeez. I wanted it so bad. I also really wanted rae and milton's 7" for M64. no dice what a bummer. for real. I ended up getting this promo album kezzy had by j. rocc called Syndromes 2. super funky, very jazzy. it's super duper fresh. then I also got illa j's Yancey Boys. I have been advised though to not 'really' listen to the lyrics. it might result in a hand to the face. you know, when you're shaking your head wonder 'why oh why!?'. anyway, i'm into it. spending so much time at home has brought me to over listening to my music! not that i'm sick of it, but I need something new. I can't wait to be not broke so I can spend all my grocery money on records.

I need to start making a list for this weekend. holla.


i like.

this is neat. I want to start doing stuff like this. for real. hopefully I can get some inspiration this upcoming term with the design class I'll be taking. I want my photos to go beyond that particular realm and into something that incorporates the images into design. no?

this is on wearenotyou's profile on behance. I can't stop going to that silly website. although I do love it. he has some other cool stuff on there too. http://www.behance.net/wearenotyou

oh my. we need to talk about this too:

real talk, anything animal related that looks fly as clothes belongs in my closet. seriously!!! okay then. on friday I'm getting that from karmaloop.

oooh. I'm also really liking David Neevel. He has some work up right now in stumptown, downtown called This. it's so nice! even though internets are in slowtown today I was able to get some photos of this exhibit. peep game.

ice cream social.

oh ya. last nite I made coconut ice cream. I made it with coconut milk, soy milk, a couple teaspoons of cinnamon, some coconut pieces, some dark chocolate pieces. it was crazy. like for reals. I wish I would have had popsicle thingies to put them. whateer. it was gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood. just sayin.

coco frio to tha dome.


I want to be in the river. drowning worries and replenishing spirit. i'm going to ride my bike somewhere far to hang out with old friends. don't know where yet, but there will be food and fancy drinks involved. how nice.

it's supposed to be hot today. I'm savoring every last minute of the heat. even though I think wearing a turtle neck is fun sometimes and I do enjoy wearing sleeves that go far below my wrists. I cherish every single moment of warmth. it helps me feel less alone. I can leave at night and not be cold-I can surround myself in the energy of the world and people around me, even though I always return to solitude.

seeing peoples eyes makes me happy. it gives me more purpose into thriving each day. even if I can't have their gaze for more than a moment it makes me feel nice. longing for that embrace.


I feel stupid.

sometimes I do things that I'd rather not. I'd rather not do them because I know what the outcome is going to be. usually it makes my stomach light as air at the thought, losing myself. losing it, I guess. I'm not pessimistic, just realistic. I do something knowing how my actions will be reciprocated and it just falls flat! so dumb. even though these things make me feel like a class act moron, I know it's just kind of conditioning my spirit or something. no one else thinks I'm an idiot because they are scenarios which aren't relatable to the public or my friends. thank christ.

this morning I was in a good mood despite my downfalls yesterday. I walked by the hoyt house. it smelled brisk. of fresh roasted coffee and broken green leaves on the ground. fresh and welcoming was the morning. the scents dancing in the air were playful and reminiscent. sitting on the porch with asami switching his tail. watching people go by. squirrels in the trees. life would mill about. I. complacent. even though it conjured up some happy memories, it also reminds me of how stagnant my life was. I miss so much and kept so little. sometimes I don't know if I made the right decision. then sometimes I remember where I am. I will never know.

today I'm going to stay home. maybe go to the roof. I want to feel the wind whip my hair about my face. I want to feel free from these thoughts of today and days lost.



when I'm serious about something or someone I have the habit of using all caps. yes, it's true. don't trip. srsly though, peep game on this j-c-de castelbajac sweater. oh my.

you can buy it for like 600 clams on the colette website. jesus. I know what I'm buying with my financial aid.

mark mawson

his work is oh-so nice. check out his series aqueous. I love how soft the shapes are and how physically vibrant the colors are. it's a tangible color in each one and so beautiful.

perfect day

this weekend consisted of perfect days. not just in the sense that everything was accomplished that needed to be accomplished. seeing friends I had not seen for quite some time, sweet weather and long rides on the peninsula, and long talks and laughs with good people.

justin got some free tickets to the rock the bells show at the roseland, we went for talib kweli and it was pretty sweet! I love talib so much. jesus. afterward was drinks and dum dums at the republic cafe. I got to see justin's loft above everyday music, and I have to admit I'm pretty jealous of that set up. we listened to music and talked for a while. ending the night with laughs and drinking on the roof with neighbors. it was pretty epic.

sean's friend damian had a pony keg. we all met up yesterday at overlook park to drink it under the shade of some huge tree. it was so perfect. we played frisbee and swang on the swings. it couldn't have been any better. well, if we had cribbage it would have owned, but sean says he'll learn to play cribbage when he goes to outerspace. what a hater.

days and moments memories can remain completely tangible throughout your life. that certain smell that helps you remember a time in your life, or a day in passing is so incredible. you can never quite describe how it tastes or smells or feels because it is unique to oneself.

making connections and keeping them, however intermittent, is so important for our survival as human beings. remember how important it is to maintain a tenderness in our hearts. a hard heart is can be replenished over time, but I think the more we feel and the more we love in life the easier and better it is to feel love and tenderness for each other.



maybe we can ...

kenny of Fresh Selects had his first show for his website last nite and of course he brought out one of the best in the game. not only was this the first female emcee that the fix has brought in, but it was Invincible! I really hope this sets a precedent, not only for the artists that are brought in, but for a new presence brought in by Kenny. Her rhymes were so slick, and can kill any dude on the stage. she had to deal with the fact that the monitors stopped working for the first 15 minutes or so of her set and did it with ease. freestyles with milton and a dude from sandpeople, that was pretty sick. overall a dope show with a live crowd. Invincible is a force I doubt any emcee would want to reckon with. she also did some nice tribute material for Baatin which everyone appreciated I think. It's amazing how even though our cities and values can be so far apart, when a person like Baatin goes away we really recognize our strengths which is the music itself. She was such an amazing person to have at the Fix and so humble and gracious for people coming out and giving her props. wow. best part was that most of them were dudes. I like seeing that.

tonite should pretty tight. going to meet up with the friends at Rotture for Live and Direct. I love that night.

the rest of the weekend is going to be pretty peace. I'm helping out tomorrow at the James John Elementary to paint some walls or something and probably hitting Sauvie's island for some dang honey sticks. that's what I'm talking about. some of that sweet shit. I'm waiting. patiently.



I'm really tired all of a sudden. the clouds are back, leaving a stillness to the warm air. you never know if it's going to pour down and rain or stretch open like a wound pouring sunshine. it's a fine line it seems like. at any rate, I'm rather nostalgic today. I was thinking about how beautiful and purple the sky was last night and how I wanted it to last forever. I like to reminisce through my film. it's making a comeback this fall. I have about ten rolls to get developed. I can't wait, I really can't.

night sky

sean, justin and jake came by last night. sean and I ate treats and giggled like little kids. I was such a space cadet. we went up to the roof and watched the twilight move into darkness under the clouds and night sky. off in the distance the clouds and sky were a bright pink. like a sherbet, electric. we talked of wizard logs and spying. I'm really into the idea also of setting up a tin can + string communication system with justin. I mean, our rooftops are practically touching. it's totally foolproof. I'm really thankful for my friends when we have moments like that. we didn't stay out late enough to catch any of the meteors, but it wouldn't have mattered anyway.

I read some more about holden caufield and then went to sleep. it was a peaceful sleep. no dreams, which may have been good. I haven't been enjoying those waking dreams that have been happening so much. it's hard to differentiate subjective from objective details anymore. I don't know.


sick day

I feel like I'm not in my body right now. every time I think I have something good, it slips from my very fingers. I don't know if I'll ever get it. all I want is to love and learn from others, which I do, but I want something more. the ones I want will never reach me, what am I doing wrong? am I the one who is actually doing something wrong? I pick the wrong people almost on a regular basis. I will never get the knack of this and it hurts so much to feel like I am so alone in the world.

I've been still have those dreams. things that I think may have happened, but I never know. every day is like a question of whether or not it has happened. I just want to disappear for reals this time. i can't take it anymore.


tra la la!

rolled to the fix last nite to see some folks and ran into my favorite cutie pies sean and justin. we chilled and drank dranks.

anyway, I got really drunk. bad bad bad. I shouldn't have had a drop at the fix. blah. I almost fell asleep on the bathroom floor, but kitty was like 'dude, you probably don't want to sleep next to my cat box. just sayin!' so I took my ass to bed and woke up with kitty sitting on my chest purring with that little motor. it was so funny! anyway, I was two hours late to work this morning due to the fact that I passed out cold whilst texting justin about ice cream. travesty. mostly cuz if I wasn't drunk last nite I could have been eating ice cream until the wee hours of the morning. bummer.

spaghetti cat throw down!!!


moving along

feeling sluggish this morning ... It could be because of the clouds, or the 70 degrees outside. I have no idea. more likely it is the full moon's lingering effects on my center of gravity. I had weird dreams again last nite. the kind of ones that make you feel awake when you're not. I talked to mindy for a long time last nite about death and dreams and being awake when you're really asleep and time travel and all sorts of stuff. she brings spark to my otherwise irritating days. I do wish we still were in the same city. I need to visit her and baby jonah soon.

another couple things about today. actually, a few things! I finally got my stupid fan in the mail from home depot. thanks for being timely, jerks! now that it's 70 degrees. ha. De La Soul is going to be in portland on september 4th! hallelujah! I'm going to spend 30 bucks to see them and I don't care. De La to the death! I wish I could just spend 4 hours listening to them do all their albums. that would be sick. Unfortunately, it's at the roseland and I loathe that place. I think it could be a potentially good venue, but more for bands or something. for really good hip hop, I wish promoters could bring them to somewhere like Berbatis, or even rotture! I know it's more obscure and a lot smaller, which equates to less money (especially for bigger acts) but I believe intimacy in venues really brings a great crowd. not a fan of teeny boppers. NEWAI. I can't remember whatever else I was super amped about today, I blame the sleeps. I need a nap. real talk.

the fix tonite. bbq's this weekend and lots of friends. I hope I can keep up.


Full Moon Status.

Today's a full moon. A lunar one at that. Things seem to always be weird around full moons. I sometimes feel so vibrant and alive that I'm going to explode. Other times I feel like I want to disappear into the folds of the universe. On those occasions it makes me feel like I'm going to implode.

I feel centered, but in a way that is untouchable and indescribable. A lot of energy is used up to try and remain centered in this gravitational pull. I just don't know how to exert energy toward any one person at all. I want to lie in a field and let the wind circle my limbs, kiss my eyelids and crawl over my face. I want to feel the weight of gravity lifted off of me.

I want to go away for a very long time.



Stuff I like. The visual list. This ring is so dang pretty. look at the stacks! stacked rings are so 90's, but ocassionally I see one like this that takes my very breath away! This is by Rui & Aguri and can be found on etsy.

Next up! Marit Fujiwara. Behold, what beauty. This type of textile making is right up my alley because it completely dissolves into fashion. I love designers that understand the medium they work with to the point that it is mind boggling!! an extension of themselves, if you will. Anyway, peep game.

I love how the colors essentially run together, but whatever process was used made it appear symmetrical and, of course, highly detailed. the stitching is fine and executed so delicately. it's like a cloud of watercolors. I really think that Tanana Takite is on some other shit. The website is http://www.behance.net/MaritFujiwara

Now, here we have our animal friend from Japan! he's so cute! look at his bushy eyebrows! I think all animals need eyebrows like this little dude. plus, japanese television makes it even more hilarious. I think that anyone can really appreciate this little pup.

Over the weekend, Baatin of Slum Village died. Still no information on how or why or what. I must say, that I am really bummed ... rest in peace!