aaand we're back.

I don't know about y'all but I am ready for a break! I haven't been doing much, I guess, but I need to get out of here. there's stuff going on this weekend that I didn't really want to miss, but whatever. tonite there's rockbox, the standard party jams that we all love. the boys aren't able to do it next month because of musicfest, so Ill have to be without until october. a travesty. tomorrow evening is The Last Splash, fashion show, over at the swimming pool on portland blvd. kind of bummed I'm not going to be able to do that since Dan is spinning. oh wells. then sunday I think there will partytimes for birthdays. lots of things.

most importantly, and back to my original point, is that I'm going to be out of town. in the muthafucking woods! holla. we're heading to trillium lake tonite with a bottle of tequila, some bread and pb & j. maybe some beef jerky. I don't give a shit. so long as we get to traipse around in the trees and what not.

I splurged today. I know I shouldn't have, but I had to! before I would have spent my pennies on shitty clothes from forever 21. no more. I now think that I understand what it means to have those few extra bucks. now I can splurge on ocassion without feeling too bad about it. I went to 360 Vinyl with the intention of getting Sa-Ra's new album Nuclear Evolution: The Age of Love. It's so good!!!!! jeez. I wanted it so bad. I also really wanted rae and milton's 7" for M64. no dice what a bummer. for real. I ended up getting this promo album kezzy had by j. rocc called Syndromes 2. super funky, very jazzy. it's super duper fresh. then I also got illa j's Yancey Boys. I have been advised though to not 'really' listen to the lyrics. it might result in a hand to the face. you know, when you're shaking your head wonder 'why oh why!?'. anyway, i'm into it. spending so much time at home has brought me to over listening to my music! not that i'm sick of it, but I need something new. I can't wait to be not broke so I can spend all my grocery money on records.

I need to start making a list for this weekend. holla.

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