i like.

this is neat. I want to start doing stuff like this. for real. hopefully I can get some inspiration this upcoming term with the design class I'll be taking. I want my photos to go beyond that particular realm and into something that incorporates the images into design. no?

this is on wearenotyou's profile on behance. I can't stop going to that silly website. although I do love it. he has some other cool stuff on there too. http://www.behance.net/wearenotyou

oh my. we need to talk about this too:

real talk, anything animal related that looks fly as clothes belongs in my closet. seriously!!! okay then. on friday I'm getting that from karmaloop.

oooh. I'm also really liking David Neevel. He has some work up right now in stumptown, downtown called This. it's so nice! even though internets are in slowtown today I was able to get some photos of this exhibit. peep game.

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