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kenny of Fresh Selects had his first show for his website last nite and of course he brought out one of the best in the game. not only was this the first female emcee that the fix has brought in, but it was Invincible! I really hope this sets a precedent, not only for the artists that are brought in, but for a new presence brought in by Kenny. Her rhymes were so slick, and can kill any dude on the stage. she had to deal with the fact that the monitors stopped working for the first 15 minutes or so of her set and did it with ease. freestyles with milton and a dude from sandpeople, that was pretty sick. overall a dope show with a live crowd. Invincible is a force I doubt any emcee would want to reckon with. she also did some nice tribute material for Baatin which everyone appreciated I think. It's amazing how even though our cities and values can be so far apart, when a person like Baatin goes away we really recognize our strengths which is the music itself. She was such an amazing person to have at the Fix and so humble and gracious for people coming out and giving her props. wow. best part was that most of them were dudes. I like seeing that.

tonite should pretty tight. going to meet up with the friends at Rotture for Live and Direct. I love that night.

the rest of the weekend is going to be pretty peace. I'm helping out tomorrow at the James John Elementary to paint some walls or something and probably hitting Sauvie's island for some dang honey sticks. that's what I'm talking about. some of that sweet shit. I'm waiting. patiently.

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