moving along

feeling sluggish this morning ... It could be because of the clouds, or the 70 degrees outside. I have no idea. more likely it is the full moon's lingering effects on my center of gravity. I had weird dreams again last nite. the kind of ones that make you feel awake when you're not. I talked to mindy for a long time last nite about death and dreams and being awake when you're really asleep and time travel and all sorts of stuff. she brings spark to my otherwise irritating days. I do wish we still were in the same city. I need to visit her and baby jonah soon.

another couple things about today. actually, a few things! I finally got my stupid fan in the mail from home depot. thanks for being timely, jerks! now that it's 70 degrees. ha. De La Soul is going to be in portland on september 4th! hallelujah! I'm going to spend 30 bucks to see them and I don't care. De La to the death! I wish I could just spend 4 hours listening to them do all their albums. that would be sick. Unfortunately, it's at the roseland and I loathe that place. I think it could be a potentially good venue, but more for bands or something. for really good hip hop, I wish promoters could bring them to somewhere like Berbatis, or even rotture! I know it's more obscure and a lot smaller, which equates to less money (especially for bigger acts) but I believe intimacy in venues really brings a great crowd. not a fan of teeny boppers. NEWAI. I can't remember whatever else I was super amped about today, I blame the sleeps. I need a nap. real talk.

the fix tonite. bbq's this weekend and lots of friends. I hope I can keep up.

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