Janeiro Jarel and Khujo Goodie are a remarkable combination as Willie Isz with their debut album Georgiavania. This combination seems completely out of the blue to most people that are familiar with their styles of music, but it is so very perfect! Janeiro Jarel is an amazing producer, whose music is from some crazy, funky hip hop space station. Khujo Goodie's style is almost on an opposite end of the spectrum from that. a very focused, deep look at issues with a firm delivery of word, his voice is pure and stands out among southern rappers moreso than many of that time. goodie mob was it. their combination sounds so good and janeiro jarel lend's Khujo Goodie some bounce. It's something that you can't really give a description that would justify this new sounds. we've been needing a new take on hip hop lately and I like what I'm hearing. Jarel always uses tracks that you wouldn't normally hear in the hip hop arena, well not necessarily but every song he uses works so well and khujo seamlessly projects his voice over the melodies. it's so good, super funky. I give this one two paws up.

I really also want to get Spinna's new album, Sonic Smash. Definitely maintaining his signature style that is super melodious and beautiful but adds a strong hip hop element. This is really welcomed as a change in style and Spinna is so amazing that he could probably produce any type of sound. this album gets two paws up.

two things I'm disappointed in, but not surprised. Georgia Anne Muldrow and Dudley Perkins. I feel bad, because I'm always on the fence about the music these two knuckleheads put out. I really appreciate 100% the work that GAM does for her work as well as other musicians, but sometimes when I buy her stuff I listen to it twice (once out of curiosity, the second time out of pity) and then shelve it for life. Dudley is on some other shit, that I have to really be in the mood for. Holy Smokes was entirely produced by GAM, which is dope too. on GAM's Umsindo the song "Roses" is also on Mos Def's new album, but on hers he is not on the track which kind of gives me the sads. I think I'm going to take the leap and get her album anyway, becuase it's super fonky and spacey and I can get into her stuff a bit more than Dudley. I give it one paw up.

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