night sky

sean, justin and jake came by last night. sean and I ate treats and giggled like little kids. I was such a space cadet. we went up to the roof and watched the twilight move into darkness under the clouds and night sky. off in the distance the clouds and sky were a bright pink. like a sherbet, electric. we talked of wizard logs and spying. I'm really into the idea also of setting up a tin can + string communication system with justin. I mean, our rooftops are practically touching. it's totally foolproof. I'm really thankful for my friends when we have moments like that. we didn't stay out late enough to catch any of the meteors, but it wouldn't have mattered anyway.

I read some more about holden caufield and then went to sleep. it was a peaceful sleep. no dreams, which may have been good. I haven't been enjoying those waking dreams that have been happening so much. it's hard to differentiate subjective from objective details anymore. I don't know.

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