Stuff I like. The visual list. This ring is so dang pretty. look at the stacks! stacked rings are so 90's, but ocassionally I see one like this that takes my very breath away! This is by Rui & Aguri and can be found on etsy.

Next up! Marit Fujiwara. Behold, what beauty. This type of textile making is right up my alley because it completely dissolves into fashion. I love designers that understand the medium they work with to the point that it is mind boggling!! an extension of themselves, if you will. Anyway, peep game.

I love how the colors essentially run together, but whatever process was used made it appear symmetrical and, of course, highly detailed. the stitching is fine and executed so delicately. it's like a cloud of watercolors. I really think that Tanana Takite is on some other shit. The website is http://www.behance.net/MaritFujiwara

Now, here we have our animal friend from Japan! he's so cute! look at his bushy eyebrows! I think all animals need eyebrows like this little dude. plus, japanese television makes it even more hilarious. I think that anyone can really appreciate this little pup.

Over the weekend, Baatin of Slum Village died. Still no information on how or why or what. I must say, that I am really bummed ... rest in peace!

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