perfect day

this weekend consisted of perfect days. not just in the sense that everything was accomplished that needed to be accomplished. seeing friends I had not seen for quite some time, sweet weather and long rides on the peninsula, and long talks and laughs with good people.

justin got some free tickets to the rock the bells show at the roseland, we went for talib kweli and it was pretty sweet! I love talib so much. jesus. afterward was drinks and dum dums at the republic cafe. I got to see justin's loft above everyday music, and I have to admit I'm pretty jealous of that set up. we listened to music and talked for a while. ending the night with laughs and drinking on the roof with neighbors. it was pretty epic.

sean's friend damian had a pony keg. we all met up yesterday at overlook park to drink it under the shade of some huge tree. it was so perfect. we played frisbee and swang on the swings. it couldn't have been any better. well, if we had cribbage it would have owned, but sean says he'll learn to play cribbage when he goes to outerspace. what a hater.

days and moments memories can remain completely tangible throughout your life. that certain smell that helps you remember a time in your life, or a day in passing is so incredible. you can never quite describe how it tastes or smells or feels because it is unique to oneself.

making connections and keeping them, however intermittent, is so important for our survival as human beings. remember how important it is to maintain a tenderness in our hearts. a hard heart is can be replenished over time, but I think the more we feel and the more we love in life the easier and better it is to feel love and tenderness for each other.

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