tra la la!

rolled to the fix last nite to see some folks and ran into my favorite cutie pies sean and justin. we chilled and drank dranks.

anyway, I got really drunk. bad bad bad. I shouldn't have had a drop at the fix. blah. I almost fell asleep on the bathroom floor, but kitty was like 'dude, you probably don't want to sleep next to my cat box. just sayin!' so I took my ass to bed and woke up with kitty sitting on my chest purring with that little motor. it was so funny! anyway, I was two hours late to work this morning due to the fact that I passed out cold whilst texting justin about ice cream. travesty. mostly cuz if I wasn't drunk last nite I could have been eating ice cream until the wee hours of the morning. bummer.

spaghetti cat throw down!!!

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