I just ate toppings off a lot of zza. sooooo good. I think i'm going to barf though. or cincinnatti airfreshener. jay kay! I wouldn't do that, who do you think I am?

tonite I'm making red bean onigiri, aren't you excited? I hope not, cuz you're not getting any. I have a lot to do tonite as far as work goes ... maybe I should just stay at the library and not get distracted by onigiri and that guy with the fluffy pants who lives in my house. jeeeeeez.

oh. i'm growing corn at work. srsly. right now it's approximately 7 inches tall. this is very exciting news. I think by next year we will have whole corn stalks in the SW corner of the building. creamed corn for everyone!

today has been so busy that it makes me want to die. no fun things today.

however, I would like to post what could be ... the new dude anthem?

it's quite possible. this is the jam! and cuz it's fun to listen to at the club.


blt kama sutra.

this week's meat entry! we are all very excited for this. especially those of us who enjoy blt's more than pretty much anything.

there was once a point in my life where a blt would be in my paws several times a week. ah, the good old days ... thanks to the internet there are many varieties of food pr0n which I indulge in daily.

horay for kitchenscraps blog. they rule the internets with this post.

look at the naughty little bacon!!! tsk tsk.


inspiration is best when you least expect it.

even though it's going to be busy with school I have to do something different. to remind me where my heart is. I haven't been focusing as much as I could on my photos. so sad. thinking of some projects to do and making something happen. anything. I can't keep taking these pictures and not doing anything with them. they aren't made for the internet. they're for real life.

I didn't get anything done last nite. oops. it's okay. I have the entire week to avoid work, which makes me happy. I'm really not liking the new schedule of having to do stuff. goooooooooooooooooooooo.


paper planes.

that's right kids. paper planes. this weekend i met up with sean, craig and justin to launch some muthafucking planes. and not just ordinary paper planes, but huge ones as tall as me. justin made a bunch of them and we went down to the elephant statue to fly them, but ultimately ended up at the portland art museum. right now to commemorate their exhibit that's coming up called china design now they had a really beautiful display of red chinese paper lanterns. it was quite lovely. anyway, we threw planes off the the stairs toward justin as he took pictures. it was so rad! we had contests to see whose would go the furthest. I think I lost every single time except once. bammer!

afterward sean and I and their friend elise helped justin do this other thing. i'm really not quite sure what the fuck we were doing, but I think we were simulating the breaking down and building up of exhibits in a gallery. elise and I just walked around and talked about blah blah blah. we did it at the froelick gallery on nw davis. they were taking down rick bartow's and putting up tom prochaska's. it was pretty fun.

we had drinks at saucebox afterward. sean brought up sex in the city cuz he fucking loves that show (I know. it's ridic) and gave everyone a character. he said I was miranda, which I protest because I hate her fucking outfits, but I guess we are kind of similar. except the bad taste in outfits. sean is like samantha cuz he's a ho. craig is obviously like carrie and justin's is the best one! fucking charlotte!!! ahahahaha!!! what a riot. totally. it's too perfect. made my day!

found out about this remix by mr. charlotte. so dope:

what do you call a horse in a fraternity?

a hay-bro!

wokka wokka wokka! thanks sean.

dear summer.

we had so many good times together. we drank too much though, so after today we're taking a break.

i'm going to miss the rooftop hanging sessions. long bikerides in the throbbing heat. long days. good burritos. horchata. laying on my couch with the windows open while fatty gives me a pedicure. the river. the glorious beautiful river. white wine spritzers. have bro sessions in backyards. the warm breeze moving the trees.

i guess i'm kind of bummed that it's over, but i really need to have more structure in the week. otherwise it makes me want to die being just at work. how do people seriously work here? are they joking? jesus. It's really a moot point though. I like summer for so many reasons. this year though ... bad things happened a lot it seemed. I feel better now that all of it has passed and I can stand up while everything around me sheds this years growth. I love the effects of spring. of fall. we shed and we grow in mysterious ways all at once. harvest moons are going to be so much more beautiful this year.

All changes, even the most longed for have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves, we must die to one life before we enter another. - Anatole France

also, i can't fucking wait to go to the corn maize this year. i have a feeling we will be rolling deep with all the crews. ven diagram styles! maybe hit up the lighthouse inn or the always classy casa diablo. oh yeeeeea.


yay friday.

today is friday. I would like to give myself a pat on the back. this morning I was very productive despite staying up late and I was early to work. I am so the best, but you already know that.

in other news, the internets are so slow on fridays. for why? oh well, it is better off that way I suppose.

this morning I found a picture on someone's facebook of something so amazing i had no words. I had to find out who the artist is, cuz clearly they are a genius. animals kissing people = fantastic! I love this.

the only thing I could find after trudging through an extensive google search was this hilarious article from some super intelligent christian zealot. no offense, but seriously? are you kidding me with this shit? it's funny if you don't think about how stupid this guy is. ROR!

today im feeling an art plus animal day. I found some good things that I've been saving for a day just like today! i'm excited. so are you. we are all excited.

raquel aparicio. she is so wonderful. check out her website. I'm particularly fond of her siblings series. weee!!

ooooh ... barbara weissberger! she's dreamy. she makes pretty collages of meat and things. right up my alley. plus I haven't done a meat post in a while, which does give me the sads.

tra lala. i'm bored and I srsly can't wait to get outta here. i'm picking up a ton of photos today! huzzah! I'm sure there will be some gore in there to submit to sweatpantsmoney. yay!


if I can't love you.

last nite went with stephan to dj vadim. good times. good dj's that opened, dj obe and emancipator. pretty nice! lots of weird portland hippies, obvy. anyway, I love dj vadim, like a lot.

he has this remix (down thar, click on it to hear it) that I want so bad I want to cry. I hate it when there's something I want and I don't live in england and don't want to pay 25 bucks for a damn 7 inch vinyl. I mean, it is worth it, but not really. le sigh.

anyway, after work I'm going to mlk fashion plaza for some new ass pants. maybe some leggings. maybe some new lakers gear. bro-ing out will happen today. it has to.

If I Can't Love You - Juno Records

caturday comes early.

I'm pretty certain that the japanese are behind this.

gimme a break, it's been days since I've said a thing about cats, aside from fatty.


photographic majesticness.

horay! i'm finally getting my photos from the summer developed. jesus christo it took so long! it's going to take even longer to scan those bitches, since there are eight more rolls left. gooooo.

peep game! here are photos from camping, picnicking and wedding funtimes.

there are more pictures on my picasa account. holla!


i like.

wunderkind tavi gevinson on style. she's much cooler than most 13 year olds.

kids from helloooooo make it look so luxurious.

Eugenia Semjonova.

i am so tired today. yesterday consisted of drinking all day then taking fun pictures with the neighbors until late o' clock. I can't wait to get home and just space out and listen to the plethora of new records I bought at 360 on saturday. well, I bought 4. I love them all! i gots willie isz's georgiavania (finally!), q-tip's kamaal the abstract (way better than the renaissance), mayer hawthorne's a strange arrangement (in tact with super teeny tiny vinyl!), and dam-funk's 12" let's take off (loooooove hood pass intact). they have brought new life to this bleak world.

I want to also go to mlk fashion plaza this week. a summer of going hard and riding my bike all over has taken its toll on my black pants. so sad. tra lala. i've been on fucking HOLD for about thirty years. answer the fucking phone!!!!!!!!!!!!

james pants golden oldies psychedelic rundown.

dudes. srsly. friday nite was the show of the year. no lie.

I mean, where to begin. I can't believe I was witness to the creme de la creme of an evening like friday. two paws up for sure. um. okay, so I guess we can start at the beginning??

m64. silliness all around, but of course they did wonderfully. ragen did an acapella of stakes is high, which was so sick! they also did their rendition of house of the rising sun and I love that! seeing them is always such a pleasure because they are so amazing.

anyway, then ben darwish and his trio came on. honestly. whatever. it slowed down everything. I love me some ben darwish, but his set was sooooo serious. jesus. I almost died just sitting there.

the best part was james pants! producer and dj to be envied!!! but he went on after ben darwish which was a travesty. except it made for good jokes. honestly, you had to have been there to really understand the hilariousness of his presence on stage. he essentially put on like he had stage fright in a major way and tried to give the appearance of being super nervous or something. hahahaha!! for example, he told us he was going to play his next 'chart topper' and played a song by the doors. karaoke style, son! it was hilarious. what else ... oh, I don't know. it was just so funny. I don't think people were really understanding that what he was doing was a joke, i mean people were straight up booing at the end! ahahha. fucking classic. kez said it best, that it was a 45 minute inside joke. there were like ten people laughing. we made up about 6 of those people. okay, there was more than ten, but whatever. people had no clue. I saw justin after his set and he actually came just for james pants. heehee!! too bad, son! but I think if I paid for the show I would have been pleased :]]

mayer hawthorne was so adorable!!! great energy for those grumpy bitches who didn't absolutely love james pants. he did some record signings, blah blah! great show.

oh, my stupid diana camera fell off the damn hook in the bathroom at jimmy mak's!!! BALLS. so that's that! I need a camera with a flash for reals. I'm thinking a new lomo would do me good.

anyway! des and I went to the mfnw after party. two paws down. we got there relatively early. all the food was gone. it felt so sterile in there. the room with the music was pretty beautiful though. we hung out for a minute and clowned around with the boys. it was coo.

this picture is ridic!



so classic. so. classic.

chocolate city.

I really wanted to hear that song this morning, but I can't find it on youtube. boooooo! also, I want to mention how much I love that radio show, which has nothing to do with the song, but I miss uncle garth! so today is not chocolate city day. it's mary jane girls day cuz that's what I got when I did a search on youtube. whatevs.

tonite's show at jimmy mak's is sold muthafuckin out! I was so bummed I was about to cry like a baby. srsly. I just wanted to go to fucking jimmy mak's. is that too much to ask for? jesus. anyway, I ran into good ol' chaucer barnes and he was giddy as shit. it was kind of ridiculous. homie just got married to his sweetheart! awwwwww! they are a pretty adorable couple. ANYWAY, I was gonna say that we were chatting about whatever and blah blah blah, he totally hooked me up with a wristband for musicfest! holla! happiness once again. so tonite is jimmy mak's and the elusive mfnw afterparty. tomorrow evening I'm going to chaucer's show then who knows what else. blah blah.

i'm soooooooooooo tired and I still want to hear chocolate city.


mayer hawthorne, et al.

I don't know about you guys, but i'm amped about tomorrow evening's festivities! I'm only doing one MFNW show this year and it's going to be so tight. m64, ben darwish, james pants and mayer hawthorne at jimmy mak's! and for 10 clams (10!). horay!

I really need to pick up mayer hawthorne's new record asap, cuz he makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

harry perry!!!! how you know about that mr. hawthorne??!

uniform project.

i've stumbled across this girl Sheena Matheiken and an idea she has in motion called the Uniform Project. she is basically wearing the same dress for an entire year and the only daily modifications are on her accessories and layering. hot.

"The Uniform Project is also a year-long fundraiser for the Akanksha Foundation, a grassroots movement that is revolutionizing education in India. At the end of the year, all contributions will go toward Akanksha’s School Project to fund uniforms and other educational expenses for children living in Indian slums."

It's also a great look at sustainability and fashion. what a great idea. she's even been featured in the NY times. holla!

you can see her many different outfits since may on the website:

the uniform project!


I have some serious issues right now. tanuki over on 21st is quite possibly my favorite bar (okay, besides yurs ...) in all of portlandtown. I've been there once a week for the past three weeks. only cuz I can't go every other day. it's so good, I'm obsessed. last nite I went with aaron and he got some delicious japchae and unagi on a stick. I got the unagi too and some seaweed chips. it's so good and so cheap. if anyone ever wants to go and drink shots of sake and korean lager please let a sister know.

here's their website with menu info, etc.


cooking with coolio.

'you need no teeth to eat my meat!' oh yeeeaaaah.

on the fine art of blackanese cooking.

mike stimpson. iloveyou.

who is this guy anyway? he's amazing. he's also kind of babely. mike stimpson is a photographer from like england or something that takes photos of legos! one of his projects was something like copying the masters of classic photos.

ansel adams: moon and half dome:

henri cartier-bresson: behind the gare saint lazare:

charles ebbel: lunch atop a skyscraper:

how amazing is he? i mean, it's legos. everyone loves legos. obviously. he also has some others centered around the star wars themed legos. holla!

he needs to do a collab with the people building the lego house. for serious.

photos via his his website.


kid cudi!

I don't know how it happened, but I almost forgot what today was. it's the 15th, which means kid cudi's new album's out! horay.

I've had enough of the mixtape and want the real deal. I really am in love with him. serious.

I will give it my official paws up/down rating asap. like anyone cares.

the anthem:

nicola kuperus.

hey dudes. i was talking to someone recently about staging photos in the city and I remembered about this photographer I stumbled upon many moons ago. nicola kuperus. she's super cool. I really like her photos because they hold an air of mystery, silliness and remain completely serious all at once. i mean, why doesn't she shoot for vogue or something? that would be pretty epic. she stages photos of what could be events of women in super chic outfits. hot.


count + lightsabers.

i'm bored on lunch. shouts to leigh for giving my life new meaning with this video. and yes, he does sound like an orthodox rabbi singing. holla!

i like. I mean, who doesn't love animals and who doesn't love lightsabers? srsly.

animals with light sabers!

i like.

jason charles rens. he has an exhibit over thar at nationale on burnside featuring his non-jewelery. super nice clean lines. simple and elegant. you can peep his game at his blog

images via his blog.

I'm also digging Kirsten Hassenfeld's mostly paper chandeliers. so pretty! I found out about her on A.T.. I like. I need to somehow implement an extremely large paper lantern and/or chandelier into my teeny apartment. it would be so nice! just one corner of my apartment. covered in paper things. that's all I want.

here's an article in the brown herald about her current exhibit 'dans la lune'.

blah blah.

I am not in the mood for this today. i'm not even joking. I don't even have anything funny to post for today. well, not yet at least.

friday was the mystery ride. and of course, someone got hurt. jesus. I can't take you kids anywhere. josh's palm looked like the inside of a cherry poptart. I don't even think there is a cherry flavored pop tart, but if there was/is it would look like josh's little paw. we rode probably a million miles on friday nite. good times. I'll be posting some pictures as soon as anna gets them on the internets. ewwww/yay!

saturday was the block party in china town. it was pretty alright. lots of friends out enjoying some of the last of our nice weather (booooo). M64 did their thing and that was really nice, especially their lovely cover of house of the rising sun. who doesn't love that song? after them, a bunch of hipsters wearing toms showed up for yacht and someone else. I have no idea. we went to republic cafe and drank prairie fires.

someday loung hosted a free show with tony ozier's doo doo funk band, the lifesavas and chief xcel. dude. what happened to chief xcel? he must have gone to ground kontrol to play tetris or something, cuz his set was last? no one even had the energy to hang tough through his set for reals. lifesavas and tony ozier's band killed it. good times.

side note to saturday is that a person i dreamt about a while ago appeared to me in real life. flesh and blood. it was weird and amazing and left me speechless. it gives me the willies just thinking about it.

tra la la. whatever. I'm going to go troll the internets for something fun and exciting.


so damn fonky.

jesus. last nite dam-funk blessed us with his presence at the fix. I mean, I love him. there. I said it. he's so amazing. it was really nice to have Funkmosphere in portland last nite. srsly. it's been like eleventy years since I've been to that and I can tell you that I appreciate it even more than when I first went. ... memories ... to me, he is the embodiment of california funk. like the funk you want to hear in your headphones when you're on the 33 going to the beach. or when you walk in the club and it's so super funky that you almost fall over and die. he sang. he played amazing records. true dam-funk style. I even stayed out past 12:30. I know. it was nutty.


rejected throwback.

remember don hertzfeldt? the guy with the cute cartoons of the little fuzzy thing who bleeds out his butt? man ... the good old days of the internet. really.

oh and hay. speaking of the good old days ...

shuuuuuuuuuunnnn ...



I have only 14 more pages of a heartbreaking work of a staggering genius. for one, I'm officially in love with toph. I've been internet stalking him all morning. I want to see what he looks like. I bet he's really fun. maybe if I go to san francisco we can get drinks or something. It's kind of weird to think that's he's my age. i mean, sort of. also, he could be totally boring, but I don't think so. being raised by your siblings probably has its perks. you learn slang earlier and get in less trouble for being sarcastic. anyway, the point is that I'm kind of obsessed with knowing about toph. what's he doing now? I heard he wrote an episode for some wb show. who knows, I don't even care cuz i won't watch it unless toph is in it. also, I don't have a television.

I guess there wasn't a second comment. anyway.

I don't want to finish the book today. cuz then i'll have nothing else to read at work. then I"ll have to ... dare I say it ... work? lame.

my next book was going to be fortress of solitude by jonathan lethem, but it has a hold on it at the damn library. this is why the library sucks. just when you get excited about something, you have to return it. yesterday I had to buy heartbreaking work ... cuz I was only page 231 and had to finish it. i'm not complaining about the money, but I'm complaining about how it interupts the flow. just sayin.

oh. and I also got sa-ra's new album nuclear evolution: the age of love. totally two paws up, just as expected. what I really want is willie isz, but Ima have to keep waiting. booooo.

for fun.



it must be important cuz that title was in all muthafucking caps, son!

srsly though. I really enjoy inanimate toys that do stuff. like rock back and forth and basially nothing else. but this one takes the cake cuz it meows and stuff. what I wouldn't give for a meowing toy!

this is the Yura Koro Tamago Meow Cat, the Tora Edition. I need to spend some precious monies on this baby. image is via http://www.kidrobot.com

gummi bears.

are you kidding me with this shit? I am on the verge of tears over this jewelry mastery. i'm not playin. I have to have this! sign me up for all of it. the check is in teh mail.

long live http://romeingpanda.com (image source).

no caturday? srsly.

whatever. i'm boycotting this malicious caturday boycott. how could they!???

I mean, cats do rule the internet but an entire day? no winston? no maru? not one single keyboard cat montage? no cheezburgers? what the fuck am I supposed to do? jesus. I don't really want to look at dogs, so I guess I'll look at cute little hams ... even though what I really want is a cat playing in a box. my heart is broken.

fuck those guys. cats do rule the internets.


my market.

this is like foodgawker but design. I am throwing my hands up because I am now done for. design pr0n! http://supermarkethq.com

also i'm digging right now. this girl Ola Bell. I really am having a serious girl crush on her! peep game at http://oladios.com take special note of her neat cat. I wish fatty would play games like this. actually, he prolly would.

image via http://mothersvea.wordpress.com

feelin it.

Thanks to Dan for putting me on this! Supreme la Rock played this during his set at the fix. this guy was also sort of babely in a dj kind of way. know what I mean? whatever, just sayin.

Think Twice (Henrik Schwarz remixes & original mix) - Juno Records

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sometimes it's hard to imagine being affected by something completely intangible. something that you want to become wrapped up in but have no idea what it looks like or how strong it can hold you. it can choke you up. something that you want to feel because you've never felt it. it's a curiosity almost. i spend so long looking for this, but I don't even know where to look or what to look for. i'll spend my whole life looking, who knows if i'll find it. just let it find me I guess. jesus. sometimes I feel like there are cobwebs in my heart.


anyway. I've been reading A Heartbreaking Work of a Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers. this book is amazing. I started reading on sunday, basically. saturday I was feel a little out of place so I didn't read anything. but on sunday and yesterday I couldn't put the damn thing down. I'm literally obsessed with J.D. Salinger. he could write straight from the heart and relate to any jerk that picked up his books. especially (obviously) Catcher in the Rye. Eggers like is the reincarnation. fucking astounding. I'm bummed because I forgot to renew the dang thing at the library and now I have to return and I'm only on page 231. fuck. oh well. I'll finish it up at powells or something.

de la soul was amazing btw.


forever sunshine.

de la.

tonite is de la soul at the stupid roseland! I am so excited. I'm rolling solo, but I think that the boys are going to be there for me to hang with. good times. this will be my first time seeing them live and i'm totally amped. matt sez he heard that de la will be backed by a live band and perform, in it's entirety!, front to back. I haven't gotten that album. i know. laaame. but i'm sure it's going to be amazing. who on earth could the special guests be!??

tomorrow is birthday day for my virgos. horay! I've convinced everyone to join me at dubstep nite at branx, kez and dan are spinning. bass in yo' muthafuckin face! I hope kez brings that kid cudi record I love so bad. oh yes.

speaking of paws.

dudes. honestly, why is everything in japan way cuter than anything else on the planet? in my next life I'm totally going to be japanese. even if i'm a japanese cat, it's all good.

making things easier.

I just finished kafka on the shore. honestly, I can't give this book enough words to describe how it has changed me and made me feel. sometimes certain ideas and things create a motion inside of you. in your heart and mind. idea, books, people, whatever. this was definitely one of them. it changes the way you see light. the way you see your spirit and how you love. the way you love yourself and the decisions in your life. a work of fiction that doubles as something much deeper than that because it doesn't feel like fiction. I want to read it again and again. I think my dreams have become a lot less indescribable and more definitive toward my way of thinking. recently, my dreams have been such a mess. objective. subjective. undefinable. now I feel better. more peaceful. anyway. enough of that. I really do love that book. oh yes.

two paws up. fo sho.



I have a problem. it is unfortunate, but true. I have a wall made of old timey plaster and no drill for drilling. I've been trying to think of a solution to this one wall in particular which is paired with the old timey heater. I want something geometric to give it the appearence of depth to that part of the room as well as a nice splash of color. I went to http://www.reprodepot.com/ and found some stunna shit.

this is an out of print design from the 70s. it's so amazing. I don't know about the pink and stuff, but I like the movement of the half circles. totally 70s.

i'm also way in to this 1964 design for Marimekko. I'd be into this since it matches the tapestries I have.

I like this one the best, but I really doubt I'm going to invest that much energy into a plaster wall that I'm renting. ya feel me? whatever. who cares!


kafka on the shore

this weekend I finished reading for whom the bell tolls by ernest hemingway. he certainly has a strange style of writing, mostly that he employs the word thou and thy and all that jazz. it's kind of funny. i really enjoyed it, in retrospect, but while I was reading it I almost wanted to die. maria really got on my nerves, as she's portrayed so fucking needy. I mean, i know she went through some shit and what not, but she totally got on my nerves. plus the schizophrenia of robert jordan was kind of fun. sometimes. othertimes it was super duper weird and page skipping lame. oops. I know I should have liked it more. i'm giving this book one paw up. srsly.

anyway, i'm on to bigger and better things. I'm finally well into reading kafka on the shore. I really love murakami's style of writing. it's so easy to read, and sweetly introspective. every thought is chosen so delicately. it's so great! after that I'm going to begin reading the heartbreaking work of a staggering genius. i'm hoping to really get more reading done before school starts.


I spent this weekend up in the woods somewhere near newport. it was super pretty. we celebrated and got super drunk basically for two whole days. good times. swam in a little pond at some ungodly hour and then polluting the hot tub with our dirty paws. weee!! kel and gabe got married and the fiasco continued until the wee hours. I went swimming for like half a minute, the next thing I know I'm waking up to the smell of wine tequila in the room. oops.

oh and I totally caught a teeny black bat that was hanging tough near the rafters in the house. he was so cute! ian proclaimed he resembled a fuzzy meatball, I concur. his little ass face was adorable! little tiny teeth complete with tiny little mouth. oh man. he was keeeeyooot. anyway. good times were had by all.

I am still recovering and have bruises all over. horay.


please see my new eyebrow cat friend. why can't ALL animals come with fuzzy eyebrows?