blah blah.

I am not in the mood for this today. i'm not even joking. I don't even have anything funny to post for today. well, not yet at least.

friday was the mystery ride. and of course, someone got hurt. jesus. I can't take you kids anywhere. josh's palm looked like the inside of a cherry poptart. I don't even think there is a cherry flavored pop tart, but if there was/is it would look like josh's little paw. we rode probably a million miles on friday nite. good times. I'll be posting some pictures as soon as anna gets them on the internets. ewwww/yay!

saturday was the block party in china town. it was pretty alright. lots of friends out enjoying some of the last of our nice weather (booooo). M64 did their thing and that was really nice, especially their lovely cover of house of the rising sun. who doesn't love that song? after them, a bunch of hipsters wearing toms showed up for yacht and someone else. I have no idea. we went to republic cafe and drank prairie fires.

someday loung hosted a free show with tony ozier's doo doo funk band, the lifesavas and chief xcel. dude. what happened to chief xcel? he must have gone to ground kontrol to play tetris or something, cuz his set was last? no one even had the energy to hang tough through his set for reals. lifesavas and tony ozier's band killed it. good times.

side note to saturday is that a person i dreamt about a while ago appeared to me in real life. flesh and blood. it was weird and amazing and left me speechless. it gives me the willies just thinking about it.

tra la la. whatever. I'm going to go troll the internets for something fun and exciting.

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