I have only 14 more pages of a heartbreaking work of a staggering genius. for one, I'm officially in love with toph. I've been internet stalking him all morning. I want to see what he looks like. I bet he's really fun. maybe if I go to san francisco we can get drinks or something. It's kind of weird to think that's he's my age. i mean, sort of. also, he could be totally boring, but I don't think so. being raised by your siblings probably has its perks. you learn slang earlier and get in less trouble for being sarcastic. anyway, the point is that I'm kind of obsessed with knowing about toph. what's he doing now? I heard he wrote an episode for some wb show. who knows, I don't even care cuz i won't watch it unless toph is in it. also, I don't have a television.

I guess there wasn't a second comment. anyway.

I don't want to finish the book today. cuz then i'll have nothing else to read at work. then I"ll have to ... dare I say it ... work? lame.

my next book was going to be fortress of solitude by jonathan lethem, but it has a hold on it at the damn library. this is why the library sucks. just when you get excited about something, you have to return it. yesterday I had to buy heartbreaking work ... cuz I was only page 231 and had to finish it. i'm not complaining about the money, but I'm complaining about how it interupts the flow. just sayin.

oh. and I also got sa-ra's new album nuclear evolution: the age of love. totally two paws up, just as expected. what I really want is willie isz, but Ima have to keep waiting. booooo.

for fun.

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