chocolate city.

I really wanted to hear that song this morning, but I can't find it on youtube. boooooo! also, I want to mention how much I love that radio show, which has nothing to do with the song, but I miss uncle garth! so today is not chocolate city day. it's mary jane girls day cuz that's what I got when I did a search on youtube. whatevs.

tonite's show at jimmy mak's is sold muthafuckin out! I was so bummed I was about to cry like a baby. srsly. I just wanted to go to fucking jimmy mak's. is that too much to ask for? jesus. anyway, I ran into good ol' chaucer barnes and he was giddy as shit. it was kind of ridiculous. homie just got married to his sweetheart! awwwwww! they are a pretty adorable couple. ANYWAY, I was gonna say that we were chatting about whatever and blah blah blah, he totally hooked me up with a wristband for musicfest! holla! happiness once again. so tonite is jimmy mak's and the elusive mfnw afterparty. tomorrow evening I'm going to chaucer's show then who knows what else. blah blah.

i'm soooooooooooo tired and I still want to hear chocolate city.

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