I just ate toppings off a lot of zza. sooooo good. I think i'm going to barf though. or cincinnatti airfreshener. jay kay! I wouldn't do that, who do you think I am?

tonite I'm making red bean onigiri, aren't you excited? I hope not, cuz you're not getting any. I have a lot to do tonite as far as work goes ... maybe I should just stay at the library and not get distracted by onigiri and that guy with the fluffy pants who lives in my house. jeeeeeez.

oh. i'm growing corn at work. srsly. right now it's approximately 7 inches tall. this is very exciting news. I think by next year we will have whole corn stalks in the SW corner of the building. creamed corn for everyone!

today has been so busy that it makes me want to die. no fun things today.

however, I would like to post what could be ... the new dude anthem?

it's quite possible. this is the jam! and cuz it's fun to listen to at the club.

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  1. goooo! yes it is the new dude jam. I imagine it playing while we space out.