i like.

wunderkind tavi gevinson on style. she's much cooler than most 13 year olds.

kids from helloooooo make it look so luxurious.

Eugenia Semjonova.

i am so tired today. yesterday consisted of drinking all day then taking fun pictures with the neighbors until late o' clock. I can't wait to get home and just space out and listen to the plethora of new records I bought at 360 on saturday. well, I bought 4. I love them all! i gots willie isz's georgiavania (finally!), q-tip's kamaal the abstract (way better than the renaissance), mayer hawthorne's a strange arrangement (in tact with super teeny tiny vinyl!), and dam-funk's 12" let's take off (loooooove hood pass intact). they have brought new life to this bleak world.

I want to also go to mlk fashion plaza this week. a summer of going hard and riding my bike all over has taken its toll on my black pants. so sad. tra lala. i've been on fucking HOLD for about thirty years. answer the fucking phone!!!!!!!!!!!!

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