if I can't love you.

last nite went with stephan to dj vadim. good times. good dj's that opened, dj obe and emancipator. pretty nice! lots of weird portland hippies, obvy. anyway, I love dj vadim, like a lot.

he has this remix (down thar, click on it to hear it) that I want so bad I want to cry. I hate it when there's something I want and I don't live in england and don't want to pay 25 bucks for a damn 7 inch vinyl. I mean, it is worth it, but not really. le sigh.

anyway, after work I'm going to mlk fashion plaza for some new ass pants. maybe some leggings. maybe some new lakers gear. bro-ing out will happen today. it has to.

If I Can't Love You - Juno Records

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  1. dewd. i wish i woulda known youz was going to emancipator! I didn't go cuz I didn't want to go on my lonelies. i shoulda known.

    also, i want to get ass pants wif you. dat is all.