james pants golden oldies psychedelic rundown.

dudes. srsly. friday nite was the show of the year. no lie.

I mean, where to begin. I can't believe I was witness to the creme de la creme of an evening like friday. two paws up for sure. um. okay, so I guess we can start at the beginning??

m64. silliness all around, but of course they did wonderfully. ragen did an acapella of stakes is high, which was so sick! they also did their rendition of house of the rising sun and I love that! seeing them is always such a pleasure because they are so amazing.

anyway, then ben darwish and his trio came on. honestly. whatever. it slowed down everything. I love me some ben darwish, but his set was sooooo serious. jesus. I almost died just sitting there.

the best part was james pants! producer and dj to be envied!!! but he went on after ben darwish which was a travesty. except it made for good jokes. honestly, you had to have been there to really understand the hilariousness of his presence on stage. he essentially put on like he had stage fright in a major way and tried to give the appearance of being super nervous or something. hahahaha!! for example, he told us he was going to play his next 'chart topper' and played a song by the doors. karaoke style, son! it was hilarious. what else ... oh, I don't know. it was just so funny. I don't think people were really understanding that what he was doing was a joke, i mean people were straight up booing at the end! ahahha. fucking classic. kez said it best, that it was a 45 minute inside joke. there were like ten people laughing. we made up about 6 of those people. okay, there was more than ten, but whatever. people had no clue. I saw justin after his set and he actually came just for james pants. heehee!! too bad, son! but I think if I paid for the show I would have been pleased :]]

mayer hawthorne was so adorable!!! great energy for those grumpy bitches who didn't absolutely love james pants. he did some record signings, blah blah! great show.

oh, my stupid diana camera fell off the damn hook in the bathroom at jimmy mak's!!! BALLS. so that's that! I need a camera with a flash for reals. I'm thinking a new lomo would do me good.

anyway! des and I went to the mfnw after party. two paws down. we got there relatively early. all the food was gone. it felt so sterile in there. the room with the music was pretty beautiful though. we hung out for a minute and clowned around with the boys. it was coo.

this picture is ridic!

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