making things easier.

I just finished kafka on the shore. honestly, I can't give this book enough words to describe how it has changed me and made me feel. sometimes certain ideas and things create a motion inside of you. in your heart and mind. idea, books, people, whatever. this was definitely one of them. it changes the way you see light. the way you see your spirit and how you love. the way you love yourself and the decisions in your life. a work of fiction that doubles as something much deeper than that because it doesn't feel like fiction. I want to read it again and again. I think my dreams have become a lot less indescribable and more definitive toward my way of thinking. recently, my dreams have been such a mess. objective. subjective. undefinable. now I feel better. more peaceful. anyway. enough of that. I really do love that book. oh yes.

two paws up. fo sho.

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