I spent this weekend up in the woods somewhere near newport. it was super pretty. we celebrated and got super drunk basically for two whole days. good times. swam in a little pond at some ungodly hour and then polluting the hot tub with our dirty paws. weee!! kel and gabe got married and the fiasco continued until the wee hours. I went swimming for like half a minute, the next thing I know I'm waking up to the smell of wine tequila in the room. oops.

oh and I totally caught a teeny black bat that was hanging tough near the rafters in the house. he was so cute! ian proclaimed he resembled a fuzzy meatball, I concur. his little ass face was adorable! little tiny teeth complete with tiny little mouth. oh man. he was keeeeyooot. anyway. good times were had by all.

I am still recovering and have bruises all over. horay.


please see my new eyebrow cat friend. why can't ALL animals come with fuzzy eyebrows?

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