paper planes.

that's right kids. paper planes. this weekend i met up with sean, craig and justin to launch some muthafucking planes. and not just ordinary paper planes, but huge ones as tall as me. justin made a bunch of them and we went down to the elephant statue to fly them, but ultimately ended up at the portland art museum. right now to commemorate their exhibit that's coming up called china design now they had a really beautiful display of red chinese paper lanterns. it was quite lovely. anyway, we threw planes off the the stairs toward justin as he took pictures. it was so rad! we had contests to see whose would go the furthest. I think I lost every single time except once. bammer!

afterward sean and I and their friend elise helped justin do this other thing. i'm really not quite sure what the fuck we were doing, but I think we were simulating the breaking down and building up of exhibits in a gallery. elise and I just walked around and talked about blah blah blah. we did it at the froelick gallery on nw davis. they were taking down rick bartow's and putting up tom prochaska's. it was pretty fun.

we had drinks at saucebox afterward. sean brought up sex in the city cuz he fucking loves that show (I know. it's ridic) and gave everyone a character. he said I was miranda, which I protest because I hate her fucking outfits, but I guess we are kind of similar. except the bad taste in outfits. sean is like samantha cuz he's a ho. craig is obviously like carrie and justin's is the best one! fucking charlotte!!! ahahahaha!!! what a riot. totally. it's too perfect. made my day!

found out about this remix by mr. charlotte. so dope:

what do you call a horse in a fraternity?

a hay-bro!

wokka wokka wokka! thanks sean.

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