yay friday.

today is friday. I would like to give myself a pat on the back. this morning I was very productive despite staying up late and I was early to work. I am so the best, but you already know that.

in other news, the internets are so slow on fridays. for why? oh well, it is better off that way I suppose.

this morning I found a picture on someone's facebook of something so amazing i had no words. I had to find out who the artist is, cuz clearly they are a genius. animals kissing people = fantastic! I love this.

the only thing I could find after trudging through an extensive google search was this hilarious article from some super intelligent christian zealot. no offense, but seriously? are you kidding me with this shit? it's funny if you don't think about how stupid this guy is. ROR!

today im feeling an art plus animal day. I found some good things that I've been saving for a day just like today! i'm excited. so are you. we are all excited.

raquel aparicio. she is so wonderful. check out her website. I'm particularly fond of her siblings series. weee!!

ooooh ... barbara weissberger! she's dreamy. she makes pretty collages of meat and things. right up my alley. plus I haven't done a meat post in a while, which does give me the sads.

tra lala. i'm bored and I srsly can't wait to get outta here. i'm picking up a ton of photos today! huzzah! I'm sure there will be some gore in there to submit to sweatpantsmoney. yay!

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