jesus christo.

i've been sick, and let me tell you it's definitely for the birds.  does not like.  only good thing is i'm caught up on homework and have been watching some good movies on the computer.  my head hurts and my eyes are jiggly.  i need to go home.  gooooo. 

in other news!  i have none.  i'm looking forward to being dolly parton on saturday. i need to learn jolene, stat!  what am i waiting for? jesus.  maybe if my headache subsides i can go pick up a dolly album at everyday music so i can get into character, you know? 

ooooh,  and the brasserie montmarte is re-opening in november.  horay!  that place has been closed for so many years. i can't wait to see it.  eeeee!!! 

where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?

Fifty People, One Question: Brooklyn from Fifty People, One Question on Vimeo.


today is monday.

i went to portland art museum to do some research on a project for my art history class and the china design now exhibit was included.  holla!  so i spent a couple hours.  this exhibit is so sick.  so many cool artists are from china and we don't even know about it.  what i reall love about many of the artists included in this exhibit was that they are socially and culturally responsible.  they are very well versed on present and past politics of their country, as well those around them.  they work to make meaningful and impactful art for their peers and to represent their country in the best way.  a few highlights ...

han feng's exhibit of 'soaring high' was so amazing! she had a couple couture dresses and these really neat bird lanterns.  all of it was really sweet and nice to look at.  she uses techniques that appear to be traditional of chinese culture including origami style folding of the fabric!  this wasn't on display but it is similar.  han's website is here.

ma ke is also a fashion designer from china. she had an exhibit called 'wu yeng' (2007). the materials used were not new.  she wanted to use something well weathered that shows how humans, nature and time affect one another. the focus was namely on the social responsibility of a fashion designer. her construction was of some kind of traditional chinese robe and it was really neat.  i can't find a pic, but it was dope.  her website is here.

oooh,  one of my favorites was a photographer named maleonn.  he did a series of photos called 'days on cotton candy' in his studio that were generally just really creative and neat.  in his statement, he notes that his photographs are just what they are.  you can look into it further for meaning, but it doesn't actually exist.  he gives the viewer exactly what he means his photos to be. his website is here. it is very, very awesome.

honestly, there was so much cool stuff.  you need to check it out.  it'll be up until january.  horay! 

today needs to be over with already.  i'm not into it today. also, i wish i didn't ride my dang bike in this apocolyptic weather.  booooo.



have you seen the man with a movie camera? it's such an excellent movie.  simple and even moving despite the lack of actual story line.  it's just life and machines. so good! 

this weekend i might watch un chien andalou to get some inspiration for this thing i'm working on this weekend.  horay for library times. i'm really interested in phantasmagoria right now.  we'll see if i can tie that in.  yay!

in more important news ... two things!  i'm going to be dolly parton for halloween this year!  i even ordered a wig.  so exciting!  i'm going to search for a bustier to make my boobs look bigger, so it's kind of plausible.  hahaha.  what a riot. 

the other thing is this breakfast amazingness that i found!  my love of bacon and toast ... together ... forever.  or at least until this thing breaks. these jerks in england of all places created this thing that can grill bacon in the bottom part of the toaster and toast your buns in the top portion.  how come we don't have this shit in america?  I mean, this is america?  we deserve delicious breakfast making devices for our convenience. dammit.  someone needs to buy this for me.  the company, tefal, that made this stunning device also has one that makes toast and eggs.  holla!  i'm going to get a job working for these dudes. 

oooooh ... bacons ...


toast & pho.

oh my goodness.  dudes.  this is a serious deal.  i was just complaining about how there are no places in my neighborhood of nw portland that have delicious pho for alex.  seriously!  no where.  it's tragic and you know this. 

anyway. in our little willamette week they have a small article about this place right off burnside and 21st - a new breakfast place and their name is toast & pho (my two personal favorites).  i do believe it is where biscuits cafe used to be.  i hope toast & pho is not as overpriced as that spot. i might as well just have a panic attack.  this is exciting.  i will have to bring my official judge of pho with me on my first venture.  i can't waaaaaiiiiit!!!  just a couple more weeks ...


funky tuesday.

in other news: content '09 was so sick! as expected, you know?  there were so many rooms that were absolutely stunning.  ada's room with the other how we develop girls was so beautiful!  desert oasis.  most of them were just right.  i think there were maybe a couple that seemed kind of ridiculous.  some of my favorites were emily katz,  sword+fern (my favorite of the evening!) i mean, look how beautiful! 

 heather treadway with her amazing hooded cloak things and britches, and dawn sharp.  it was pretty amazing.  and!  ben's band, dirty mittens was so fantastic!  holy shit.  i don't even know what to say.  i hope they have more shows.  specifically a house party.  oh yes!  overall content gets two paws up! i can't wait for next year. 

lots of good things to report from this weekend.  let's talk about stuff i like.  you already know this, but i love tanuki!  i miss them already.  i know!  i can't help it.  also they said that if i wear my beautiful bedazzled stone washed dress and sing a line from any dolly parton song they'll hook me up with some fancy sake!  gooooo. I'll have to already be drunk for that noise, for serious.

the best part of the weekend is when i fell in love!  with a bike!  oh yes.  i have a boner for a bike and i can't help it.  josh and jessica were drooling over this website for republic bike.  you can customize your own bike colors, chains, cranks, handle bars, frame, tires, the whole thing pretty much. plus you have option of free wheel or fixed gear.  so amazing!  we were sweating the helsinki.  quite possibly the most beautiful bike in all the land! i can't save any pictures from their gallery, but you can see their gallery right here, son!  there was even a blalzers colored bike.   so epic that i am going to fall over an die.  want want want.

oh my god. and i finally got that dj vadim i've been wanting - if i can't love you.

it is a joyous week.



i am so excited to attend content '09 on sunday nite. i didn't make it to any of the shows for fashion week. it's okay though, because i think at this point fashion weeks in general can be so generic. every city has a fashion week. bravo. the only ones that really matter aren't here. let's be real. i'm excited that how we develop is putting this on because i think it's really a great reflection of portland style events. funtimes.

party time on saturday nite at sara's!  i'm going to wear something ridiculous and drink champagne straight from the bottle.  oh yes!


everything must go.

oh my gosh. you guys. i am love again! i know, i know ... i'm not really in love. jesus, but i am mostly in love.

pascual sisto in da house. he is so amazing. so very amazing.

here is his photo project, everything must go:

there are a lot more other photo and video projects on his website, which is here. check it out, because you have no other choice and because he's amazing.


yay wednesday.

first of all, this is the best. karl lagerfeld makes an excellent sarcastic blogger. plus he talks about cats in his fat post. sounds perfect to me! just wanted to get that out of the way, because it's amazing. thank you.

oh man ... today, today. I am feeling like I need a professional reader for me while i'm in school. i have many pages of art history text to read by friday. we have a mid-term. who even takes those anymore? they're stupid and challenge my social calender in ways i don't like to think about. anyway, whatever.

I am taking a trip down want lane. want want want. i've said this before and i'll say it again. my life is so two dimensional, i want to live! like really live. i would like to give a shout to my savior mindo for finding this, thus allowing us to live. yes, it is the true embodiment of fantasticalness.

what else about today? oh. i think I'm going to go get this delightfully packaged, limited release album by oh no. it is so lovely. don't go to stonesthrow to get it, cuz it's gone sucka! i'm skipping to 360 after work to fetch me some. horay! i've listened to a tiny bit of it on the internets and it sounds amazing. i can't wait to give it my official two paws up rating. holla!

last thing on what I like today is Evgeny Kiselev. so pretty! reminds me of ehquestionmark a little bit. no? maybe? maybe it's the movement of the image. it looks viscous.


love & bourbon.

last nite was hot toddy time at damons. it was really a good evening. as per usual we got deep about love and stuff, listened and told stories. sometimes confronting yourself with thoughts about love and life can hurt. i feel like those conversations can be very cathartic. sometimes when people share the same frustrations as you it can help you put your self into perspective. i guess it is what you make it. even though i can feel really miserable about being loved and having family and all of that, in the end i know i will be okay. i need to stop being such a baby. you have to exercise patience of the heart and soul to really feel love as you want it. one day I hope to be completely forgiving of myself, truly and fully. jesus.

ANYWAY! I learned a few new phrases in french, and fell in love with jacques brel. this man is it for real. i can't embed the video, cuz youtube people are busters. you can watch it here. he is so amazing. his expression. the emotion in his face. gaaaah! it drives me crazy! nina simone's version is equally as impressive because it's nina simone and she owns the world. you can listen to it down thar. and in true youtube fashion, there is no amazing video footage. oh nina, why do i love you so? whhhhhyyyyyy????!!! hallellujah for nina simone.


chapped lips.

my whole face is chapped. so are my paws. i am not happy about this. i rode around quite a bit this weekend in the stupid cold wind. the worst thing about it is this: i have approximately six gloves. none of which match each other. have i already talked about this? cuz it's fucking stupid. today, i shall buy gloves and i will fasten them to my coats this winter.

big news this weekend: on friday we got hammered by like 9:30. it was weird. went to the pnca 100 year show, which was like ... well, I don't know. it was as expected. then, we went to rotture and lost half the crew. i know that i woke up on saturday with the worst hangover in hangover town. the upside about being totally hunover on a saturday are bloody mary's with bacon (!!!) and thrift store shopping. i got the best thing in all the land, and the dudes can agree ... a latch hook tiny rug with a tiny cat on it! so cute i want to die! literally. it's really amazing when fatty sits on the rug. for real.

last nite dudes came over for dinner at the crib. i made a delicious butternut squash and kale soup and a baked pilaf. we drank many wines and had funtimes. we ended the nite trying to hang tough on the roof, but we were weenies and it was cold. hey, remember that time when we didn't roof hang and joseph put my paul frank lobster in his pants? the butter of the sea. thanks dudes!

i think next time we should eat steaks.

oh shit. speaking of steaks. sick. you'll never believe it. i was at the dollar store in the frozen section perusing their popsicles and i saw this weird little disk of something brown. and the label indicated that little brown disk was a three ounce flat iron steak. SIIIIIIIICCCCKKKKK. flank steak from the dollar store? seriously? i almost bought it out of curiosity but out of respect for myself and all humanity i was able to resist. if anyone every once to cook up a fat steak from the dollar store though, please holler.



friday funtimes.

how did I almost forget this? I mean, really? jesus. my new thing is that i'm going to begin painting animals with beards! first up will be monday vs. fatty throwing bones! it'll be like those dogs playing cards, but better. and with beards! how exciting. i think bruce the dog will look quite dashing with a beard, no?

i'm also way into this person Zhishi from russia. so neat! here are their mysterious creatures living in patterns:

totally reminds me of the stained glass from saint chapelle, except way more awesome cuz it's animal faces!

and then their bird and the wolf project:


there's a ton more on their behance profile. people are so fun!

dudes. did you know irving penn died yesterday? what a fucking bumout. i really loved his photos ...

au revoir to one of the most astounding and quintessential fashion photographers that ever will live. boohoo.

I'm going to rotture tonite for hiphop. I think I shall wear my lovely new sweater dress and ride in the moonlight. have a fun day today, and remember kids ... don't talk to strangers!

so pretty.

this week is portland fashion week. if it weren't out in the boonies, i would totally be there. it's going to be so hot. so, to mark my laziness i want to talk about what i like this week (besides the cheeseburger mit).

number one has to be alexander mcqueen. why is he so fabulous at everything he does? seriously, i don't know how one person can embody such fabulousness. his new line is dramatic it makes me want to die. especially the shoes. twelve freaking inches above the ground! bitches are already too fucking tall. i'm just glad no one was made fashion roadkill. would have been the absolute worst, aaaand grounds for termination from human existence. anyway, here's mr. beautiful-mcqueen on some other shit at paris fashion week.

speaking of dying over fashion, if I don't have these boots i don't know what i'm going to do. they are so beautiful and lovely and perfect. the jackie boot. but i have to waaaait, like a chump! or just think about it for a second. hidden wedges make me happy. so, so happy. I am already planning my outfits in my head and deciphering whether or not I can ride far distances in wedge boots. hrmmmm.
80%20 out-do themselves on their boots. who are these people! I want to be friends with them so I can get discounts. want want want.

I think i'm going to just go on ebay and buy something else to try and forget how much I want these boots. goooooooooooooooooooo. every year it's a new damn boot. this is so stupid. I never did get those diesel sneaker boots. curses! I should not be left to my own devices when shopping on the internets.

oh okay. last thing for luchtimes is that for halloween I think I want to be a gorilla. but I don't want to wear the big gorilla suit like other peoples would cuz I want to be able to ride my bike in the outfit. i'm thinking furry minidress, that way i'll stay warm, look approachable and cuddly aaaaand be on gorilla status. ooh, with high top converse. yes! I need to get my ass out to fabric depot. stat! maybe early saturday morning. I love being covered in fur for halloween.

tangent: remember that cool spread in vice mag a few years ago that featured those chicks covered in hair wearing hot swimsuits? yeaaaaa. next year! (unless i accomplish my dream of being prince in the purple suit from that dave chapelle skit). holla!

thanks, I feel just fine.


i like.

i want to take a moment to talk about how much i like this lolcat. they haven't been very funny lately, due to the fact that people on the internet are complete morons. present company excluded. but this one is just so perfect. yes!

when i start working at the humane society i'm totally going to sneak in white castles for all teh fuzz heads!



wax poetics has never failed me. it is always so choice and so beautiful, and lovely and well rounded and knows everything! the perfect boyfriend. yesterday after picking up the latest m.j. issue my eyes appeared to be deceiving me! well, it was pointed out that there are only pictures of black michael jackson. true. aaaaaaaaaaand, an article on illa j? yes. it was true.

honestly, i'm not being a hater. illa j's debut album yancey boys is quite unique and the beats are undoubtedly amazing, cuz they were done by dilla! duh. the lyrical content of the album is not on par with the actual music and it's sad. this album is very so-so. the instrumentals are where it's really at. if you want to know the truth it's a nice attempt, but this album really only got one paw up. I know! it's terrible. anyway, wax poetics had a feature article about illa j and how marvelous he is when he really isn't. I think that people could really agree. there are like at least eleventy other people that were more deserving of prime wax poetics space than him! so sad. I sound mean, but i'm only being fair.

anyway, they made me feel better by selling wax poetics tote bags. weeee!!! this is exciting, but i'm still irked. booooo.

another disappointing thing about today is that i had yet another sadtimes lunch. rice and beans and i forgot the damn condiments! boooooo.

I do really love this track: I want the instrumentals!


funky funky tuesday.

dudes. this is serious business. my manifested dreams of meat art right here in good old portlandia! it makes me so happy I want to eat bacon. did anyone go to the baconfest this weekend, btw? nevermind.

at tiga tonite there's going to be a meat art exhibit by the thermals hutch harris. I want to marry him, I think. I don't even know about the thermals, but they must be pretty legit. i'm super bummed that I can't go. hopefully erin will take record of all the happenings and buy me a collage.

in other funky, non-meat news ... moovmnt has a nice promo mix to download from their website, called damn ... funk!?!. oh yeeeeeeah.

blah blah blah.

i'm seriously not in the mood today. really.

i'm going to hunt for pretty things on the internet today and update my list of favorite things.

oooh, today the new wax poetics is out! m.j. tribute edition. horay! I can't wait to get to 360 to get mines. I hope my excitedness for this magazine offsets the fact that I had the worst salad in the history of salads. disappointing lunches are sadtimes. sad. times.




do you see what I see? I bet you do. it's hamburger shaped mousepad with a built in handwarmer!!! oh man. I was just thinking about how my paw was oh so cold working yesterday. and now ... a hamburger mit! holla!

gizmodo ... how I love thee ...


I hate today. this is mostly due to the fact that I am incredibly tired. i have a ton of work to do at the library tonite and i'm not into it. upside is that yesterday morning I did pretty much all my school work. which is surprising, really.

I have some bad news for the corn update: i've stopped caring abou the growing aspect of it and just want the good, ya feel me? it's been too busy to care about that shit. anyway! it's like a foot tall and it has three leaves! (3!) very exciting around the office today! i'm going to be a good corn-mom and replant it tomorrow morning.

also, cuz I'm wearing some super fresh, super white, ass pants that i got from mlk fashion plaza and I wouldn't want to soil them. did you know I rode all the way up to north in these here pants without a speck of dirt on them? yes, I know. I am the best.

anyway, yesterday was really nice. kelly and gabe stopped by for some last minute hanging before kel went back to the other coast. damon and I hung out at his place and he made yummy lunchtimes. oh, the best part was magnum of champagne we drank. we are the fucking best evar! way to bro out, damon! his brother stopped by and it was really interesting to see them interact. I don't really know anyone anymore that has siblings that hang out, so I think it's fun. blah blah. daytime drinking is the best! especially when you have nothing important to do for the evening!

damon found fatty's anthem! horay. kitty was very excited, mostly about morrissey's lovely blouse.


the goods.

this is what's up.

joyous moments.

horay. finally i'm caught up. today i'm picking up my first roll of 110 film. it's been like ten billion years since I used my little teeny camera, so hopefully it looks fresh. here are some delightful photos from my horrible trip to chicago, wherein i found myself waking up in the union station totally hungover at 5:30 in the morning. thanks, mom. you're a peach.

some other photos are from our majestic trip to winchester bay with the dudes in may.

many other randoms in portland at the happy feet at the fix, the bluffs, biking around, etc.

there are more photos in the most recent eight albums in my picasa account.

this weekend is going to be very busy and hopefully very productive. working on organizing photos, nice hikes in the mist, dubstep and ! a lovely art show at the village ballroom featuring the homies gabe gregg and ian boe. holla!

it's one of these days. thanks, freezo.