chapped lips.

my whole face is chapped. so are my paws. i am not happy about this. i rode around quite a bit this weekend in the stupid cold wind. the worst thing about it is this: i have approximately six gloves. none of which match each other. have i already talked about this? cuz it's fucking stupid. today, i shall buy gloves and i will fasten them to my coats this winter.

big news this weekend: on friday we got hammered by like 9:30. it was weird. went to the pnca 100 year show, which was like ... well, I don't know. it was as expected. then, we went to rotture and lost half the crew. i know that i woke up on saturday with the worst hangover in hangover town. the upside about being totally hunover on a saturday are bloody mary's with bacon (!!!) and thrift store shopping. i got the best thing in all the land, and the dudes can agree ... a latch hook tiny rug with a tiny cat on it! so cute i want to die! literally. it's really amazing when fatty sits on the rug. for real.

last nite dudes came over for dinner at the crib. i made a delicious butternut squash and kale soup and a baked pilaf. we drank many wines and had funtimes. we ended the nite trying to hang tough on the roof, but we were weenies and it was cold. hey, remember that time when we didn't roof hang and joseph put my paul frank lobster in his pants? the butter of the sea. thanks dudes!

i think next time we should eat steaks.

oh shit. speaking of steaks. sick. you'll never believe it. i was at the dollar store in the frozen section perusing their popsicles and i saw this weird little disk of something brown. and the label indicated that little brown disk was a three ounce flat iron steak. SIIIIIIIICCCCKKKKK. flank steak from the dollar store? seriously? i almost bought it out of curiosity but out of respect for myself and all humanity i was able to resist. if anyone every once to cook up a fat steak from the dollar store though, please holler.


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  1. Ok, I have two comments. 1) I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!! 2) I see you twice in one weekend and I can't get any love in your blog?!?! Next time we hang I'm going to be really entertaining just to see if I can get mentioned in your next entry:)