wax poetics has never failed me. it is always so choice and so beautiful, and lovely and well rounded and knows everything! the perfect boyfriend. yesterday after picking up the latest m.j. issue my eyes appeared to be deceiving me! well, it was pointed out that there are only pictures of black michael jackson. true. aaaaaaaaaaand, an article on illa j? yes. it was true.

honestly, i'm not being a hater. illa j's debut album yancey boys is quite unique and the beats are undoubtedly amazing, cuz they were done by dilla! duh. the lyrical content of the album is not on par with the actual music and it's sad. this album is very so-so. the instrumentals are where it's really at. if you want to know the truth it's a nice attempt, but this album really only got one paw up. I know! it's terrible. anyway, wax poetics had a feature article about illa j and how marvelous he is when he really isn't. I think that people could really agree. there are like at least eleventy other people that were more deserving of prime wax poetics space than him! so sad. I sound mean, but i'm only being fair.

anyway, they made me feel better by selling wax poetics tote bags. weeee!!! this is exciting, but i'm still irked. booooo.

another disappointing thing about today is that i had yet another sadtimes lunch. rice and beans and i forgot the damn condiments! boooooo.

I do really love this track: I want the instrumentals!

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