friday funtimes.

how did I almost forget this? I mean, really? jesus. my new thing is that i'm going to begin painting animals with beards! first up will be monday vs. fatty throwing bones! it'll be like those dogs playing cards, but better. and with beards! how exciting. i think bruce the dog will look quite dashing with a beard, no?

i'm also way into this person Zhishi from russia. so neat! here are their mysterious creatures living in patterns:

totally reminds me of the stained glass from saint chapelle, except way more awesome cuz it's animal faces!

and then their bird and the wolf project:


there's a ton more on their behance profile. people are so fun!

dudes. did you know irving penn died yesterday? what a fucking bumout. i really loved his photos ...

au revoir to one of the most astounding and quintessential fashion photographers that ever will live. boohoo.

I'm going to rotture tonite for hiphop. I think I shall wear my lovely new sweater dress and ride in the moonlight. have a fun day today, and remember kids ... don't talk to strangers!

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