funky tuesday.

in other news: content '09 was so sick! as expected, you know?  there were so many rooms that were absolutely stunning.  ada's room with the other how we develop girls was so beautiful!  desert oasis.  most of them were just right.  i think there were maybe a couple that seemed kind of ridiculous.  some of my favorites were emily katz,  sword+fern (my favorite of the evening!) i mean, look how beautiful! 

 heather treadway with her amazing hooded cloak things and britches, and dawn sharp.  it was pretty amazing.  and!  ben's band, dirty mittens was so fantastic!  holy shit.  i don't even know what to say.  i hope they have more shows.  specifically a house party.  oh yes!  overall content gets two paws up! i can't wait for next year. 

lots of good things to report from this weekend.  let's talk about stuff i like.  you already know this, but i love tanuki!  i miss them already.  i know!  i can't help it.  also they said that if i wear my beautiful bedazzled stone washed dress and sing a line from any dolly parton song they'll hook me up with some fancy sake!  gooooo. I'll have to already be drunk for that noise, for serious.

the best part of the weekend is when i fell in love!  with a bike!  oh yes.  i have a boner for a bike and i can't help it.  josh and jessica were drooling over this website for republic bike.  you can customize your own bike colors, chains, cranks, handle bars, frame, tires, the whole thing pretty much. plus you have option of free wheel or fixed gear.  so amazing!  we were sweating the helsinki.  quite possibly the most beautiful bike in all the land! i can't save any pictures from their gallery, but you can see their gallery right here, son!  there was even a blalzers colored bike.   so epic that i am going to fall over an die.  want want want.

oh my god. and i finally got that dj vadim i've been wanting - if i can't love you.

it is a joyous week.

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