I hate today. this is mostly due to the fact that I am incredibly tired. i have a ton of work to do at the library tonite and i'm not into it. upside is that yesterday morning I did pretty much all my school work. which is surprising, really.

I have some bad news for the corn update: i've stopped caring abou the growing aspect of it and just want the good, ya feel me? it's been too busy to care about that shit. anyway! it's like a foot tall and it has three leaves! (3!) very exciting around the office today! i'm going to be a good corn-mom and replant it tomorrow morning.

also, cuz I'm wearing some super fresh, super white, ass pants that i got from mlk fashion plaza and I wouldn't want to soil them. did you know I rode all the way up to north in these here pants without a speck of dirt on them? yes, I know. I am the best.

anyway, yesterday was really nice. kelly and gabe stopped by for some last minute hanging before kel went back to the other coast. damon and I hung out at his place and he made yummy lunchtimes. oh, the best part was magnum of champagne we drank. we are the fucking best evar! way to bro out, damon! his brother stopped by and it was really interesting to see them interact. I don't really know anyone anymore that has siblings that hang out, so I think it's fun. blah blah. daytime drinking is the best! especially when you have nothing important to do for the evening!

damon found fatty's anthem! horay. kitty was very excited, mostly about morrissey's lovely blouse.

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