love & bourbon.

last nite was hot toddy time at damons. it was really a good evening. as per usual we got deep about love and stuff, listened and told stories. sometimes confronting yourself with thoughts about love and life can hurt. i feel like those conversations can be very cathartic. sometimes when people share the same frustrations as you it can help you put your self into perspective. i guess it is what you make it. even though i can feel really miserable about being loved and having family and all of that, in the end i know i will be okay. i need to stop being such a baby. you have to exercise patience of the heart and soul to really feel love as you want it. one day I hope to be completely forgiving of myself, truly and fully. jesus.

ANYWAY! I learned a few new phrases in french, and fell in love with jacques brel. this man is it for real. i can't embed the video, cuz youtube people are busters. you can watch it here. he is so amazing. his expression. the emotion in his face. gaaaah! it drives me crazy! nina simone's version is equally as impressive because it's nina simone and she owns the world. you can listen to it down thar. and in true youtube fashion, there is no amazing video footage. oh nina, why do i love you so? whhhhhyyyyyy????!!! hallellujah for nina simone.

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  1. that show where she was singing house of the rising sun is pretty much one of my favorite things ever.