have you seen the man with a movie camera? it's such an excellent movie.  simple and even moving despite the lack of actual story line.  it's just life and machines. so good! 

this weekend i might watch un chien andalou to get some inspiration for this thing i'm working on this weekend.  horay for library times. i'm really interested in phantasmagoria right now.  we'll see if i can tie that in.  yay!

in more important news ... two things!  i'm going to be dolly parton for halloween this year!  i even ordered a wig.  so exciting!  i'm going to search for a bustier to make my boobs look bigger, so it's kind of plausible.  hahaha.  what a riot. 

the other thing is this breakfast amazingness that i found!  my love of bacon and toast ... together ... forever.  or at least until this thing breaks. these jerks in england of all places created this thing that can grill bacon in the bottom part of the toaster and toast your buns in the top portion.  how come we don't have this shit in america?  I mean, this is america?  we deserve delicious breakfast making devices for our convenience. dammit.  someone needs to buy this for me.  the company, tefal, that made this stunning device also has one that makes toast and eggs.  holla!  i'm going to get a job working for these dudes. 

oooooh ... bacons ...

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