so pretty.

this week is portland fashion week. if it weren't out in the boonies, i would totally be there. it's going to be so hot. so, to mark my laziness i want to talk about what i like this week (besides the cheeseburger mit).

number one has to be alexander mcqueen. why is he so fabulous at everything he does? seriously, i don't know how one person can embody such fabulousness. his new line is dramatic it makes me want to die. especially the shoes. twelve freaking inches above the ground! bitches are already too fucking tall. i'm just glad no one was made fashion roadkill. would have been the absolute worst, aaaand grounds for termination from human existence. anyway, here's mr. beautiful-mcqueen on some other shit at paris fashion week.

speaking of dying over fashion, if I don't have these boots i don't know what i'm going to do. they are so beautiful and lovely and perfect. the jackie boot. but i have to waaaait, like a chump! or just think about it for a second. hidden wedges make me happy. so, so happy. I am already planning my outfits in my head and deciphering whether or not I can ride far distances in wedge boots. hrmmmm.
80%20 out-do themselves on their boots. who are these people! I want to be friends with them so I can get discounts. want want want.

I think i'm going to just go on ebay and buy something else to try and forget how much I want these boots. goooooooooooooooooooo. every year it's a new damn boot. this is so stupid. I never did get those diesel sneaker boots. curses! I should not be left to my own devices when shopping on the internets.

oh okay. last thing for luchtimes is that for halloween I think I want to be a gorilla. but I don't want to wear the big gorilla suit like other peoples would cuz I want to be able to ride my bike in the outfit. i'm thinking furry minidress, that way i'll stay warm, look approachable and cuddly aaaaand be on gorilla status. ooh, with high top converse. yes! I need to get my ass out to fabric depot. stat! maybe early saturday morning. I love being covered in fur for halloween.

tangent: remember that cool spread in vice mag a few years ago that featured those chicks covered in hair wearing hot swimsuits? yeaaaaa. next year! (unless i accomplish my dream of being prince in the purple suit from that dave chapelle skit). holla!

thanks, I feel just fine.

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