toast & pho.

oh my goodness.  dudes.  this is a serious deal.  i was just complaining about how there are no places in my neighborhood of nw portland that have delicious pho for alex.  seriously!  no where.  it's tragic and you know this. 

anyway. in our little willamette week they have a small article about this place right off burnside and 21st - a new breakfast place and their name is toast & pho (my two personal favorites).  i do believe it is where biscuits cafe used to be.  i hope toast & pho is not as overpriced as that spot. i might as well just have a panic attack.  this is exciting.  i will have to bring my official judge of pho with me on my first venture.  i can't waaaaaiiiiit!!!  just a couple more weeks ...


  1. The owners of Toast & Pho are stealing their workers' wages and lying about it. Please don't patronize this restaurant, and please do let them know that they need to pay back wages to their workers.

  2. FASCISTS!!! These people are liars and cheats!!! They do not allow their workers to take breaks as required by law, they steal tips from employees and don't pay workers on time, if at all!!!

  3. indeed. I haven't been back since this post and won't be returning.

  4. Anonymous..why do you hide your true name..if you have something to say and it's the truth, then proudly display your name as you are so intent on trying to destroy someone else's. Remember,there are two side to the story and who are we to believe you...it's just like tabloids..there is no actual proof and you have not WON anything....We'll see. By the way, the Pho was EXCELLENT here!
    -Sophia Kohn