today is monday.

i went to portland art museum to do some research on a project for my art history class and the china design now exhibit was included.  holla!  so i spent a couple hours.  this exhibit is so sick.  so many cool artists are from china and we don't even know about it.  what i reall love about many of the artists included in this exhibit was that they are socially and culturally responsible.  they are very well versed on present and past politics of their country, as well those around them.  they work to make meaningful and impactful art for their peers and to represent their country in the best way.  a few highlights ...

han feng's exhibit of 'soaring high' was so amazing! she had a couple couture dresses and these really neat bird lanterns.  all of it was really sweet and nice to look at.  she uses techniques that appear to be traditional of chinese culture including origami style folding of the fabric!  this wasn't on display but it is similar.  han's website is here.

ma ke is also a fashion designer from china. she had an exhibit called 'wu yeng' (2007). the materials used were not new.  she wanted to use something well weathered that shows how humans, nature and time affect one another. the focus was namely on the social responsibility of a fashion designer. her construction was of some kind of traditional chinese robe and it was really neat.  i can't find a pic, but it was dope.  her website is here.

oooh,  one of my favorites was a photographer named maleonn.  he did a series of photos called 'days on cotton candy' in his studio that were generally just really creative and neat.  in his statement, he notes that his photographs are just what they are.  you can look into it further for meaning, but it doesn't actually exist.  he gives the viewer exactly what he means his photos to be. his website is here. it is very, very awesome.

honestly, there was so much cool stuff.  you need to check it out.  it'll be up until january.  horay! 

today needs to be over with already.  i'm not into it today. also, i wish i didn't ride my dang bike in this apocolyptic weather.  booooo.

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