yay wednesday.

first of all, this is the best. karl lagerfeld makes an excellent sarcastic blogger. plus he talks about cats in his fat post. sounds perfect to me! just wanted to get that out of the way, because it's amazing. thank you.

oh man ... today, today. I am feeling like I need a professional reader for me while i'm in school. i have many pages of art history text to read by friday. we have a mid-term. who even takes those anymore? they're stupid and challenge my social calender in ways i don't like to think about. anyway, whatever.

I am taking a trip down want lane. want want want. i've said this before and i'll say it again. my life is so two dimensional, i want to live! like really live. i would like to give a shout to my savior mindo for finding this, thus allowing us to live. yes, it is the true embodiment of fantasticalness.

what else about today? oh. i think I'm going to go get this delightfully packaged, limited release album by oh no. it is so lovely. don't go to stonesthrow to get it, cuz it's gone sucka! i'm skipping to 360 after work to fetch me some. horay! i've listened to a tiny bit of it on the internets and it sounds amazing. i can't wait to give it my official two paws up rating. holla!

last thing on what I like today is Evgeny Kiselev. so pretty! reminds me of ehquestionmark a little bit. no? maybe? maybe it's the movement of the image. it looks viscous.

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