ay dios mio.

ho hum.  what to do, what to do.

i'm really into abigail reynolds on this day, which is friday.  friday the sixth.  horay. 

photos are from her lovely little website. she is the origami/found photo master, act like you know.

this weekend i plan on spacing out HARD.  more than normal.  you can tell cuz that statement was in all caps.  going to concentrate on my photo project with mindy.  i accomplished a T last nite, which is good.  now i have to photograph the rest of the alphabet.  it will be done. 

augen gallery after work today!  jim riswold looks pretty legit, so i'm going to peep that out. holla!

ha.  damien hirst makes a rug:

what a little rascal!

who doesn't love the pharcyde? it's definitely a pharcyde day.   

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