favorites versus favorites.

this is my new favorite video. i like the song. i like the movement. i like the colors.  i like.  thanks anna!

grizzly bear with ready, able:

other favorite!  on sunday when we were doing sunday stuff i stumbled across this flyer.  im pretty sure i got an email about this chick before her opening, but i prolly deleted it cuz i'm hateful in that sort of way.  jkjk.  no, really.  i am. 

anyway. anna fidler made some paintings inspired by the blazers.  it's kind of a wtf situation, but in a good way.  i mean, i don't recall seeing other nba teams with fine artists doing their stuff.  ms. fidler loves basketball and there is nothing wrong with that.  it's pretty epic, even if you have to remove it from the blazers context. 

she has other majesticness like fjords, bogs rainbow and mountains.  how could you not love her?? 

my one complaint for real is that she does not capture pryzbilla's babeliness. bammer.  she has a show at disjecta on interstate that ends on december 20th.  two paws up.

oh ya, since she spends time in l.a. where are my muthafukkin lakers paintings?  i know how it is to have to live a double life loving the lakers and the blazers.  it's rough out there.  especially lakers vs. blazers ... don't get me started. 

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