feeling the burn.

this morning i was walking down 18th and i saw this dude on the back of a shopping cart, riding it really fast down the street.  my first reaction was that it was a really bad idea, cuz of all the soggy leaf action on the street and lack of brakes on shopping carts.  however, he looked really amped about riding that thing.  then like three blocks later there was a different dude, riding on a shopping cart in the same manner.  these guys have to have been frenz.  if they weren't, they need to totally get on that. 

this weekend was weird, but mostly pleasant.  low would be a nice descriptive word of how i've been feeling.  it's annoying, i think.  seeing the friends and going on adventures was a nice outlet though; i even had the opportunity to eat a delicious pie in the freezing cold with some of the dudes.  yay.  brisket to the dome!

a good friend of mine made my day yesterday and got me something to lift my spirits.  The Sartorialist's Scott Schuman has a new book on the many styles on his blog.  it's so freaking amazing!  it makes me want to fall over and die.  plus, there are many babely men featured in this books which is also quite nice.  we sat in the car in front of the shutterbug and flipped our lids over stylish amazingness.  oh yes.

speaking of things that make me want to fall over and die.  this girl's picture is on his blog from a few days ago.  this girl totally takes the cake with her amazing coat.  want want want. plus that belt ... jesus.

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