good news tuesday.

well, not good news but whatever.  this morning i totally found five dollars on the ground!!  years of avoiding eye contact with people and staring at the ground when i walk has finally paid off!  who knew?  things seem to be looking up perhaps.  i even dreamt last nite, which was the first time in a while.  well, ones that i remembered.  it wasn't necessarily a good dream, but it meant something nonetheless. 

i need happy shapes and happy colors.  i found this lovely young gentleman on behance, my favorite land in all the land.   jordan van den nieuwendijk has some nice little illustrations on his behance thing.  i like.  it makes me gleeful and stuff.  i'm into that right now.  it kind of is bwana spoons-ish.  maybe? whatever. it's so adorable it makes me want to vomit!

fatty is sick.  his ass better be okay, cuz mama needs to buy some new music. 

i wants oh no's ethiopium!  just came out on stones throw and i have to have it.  it's longer than the original mp3 album he released a while back.  want want want! 

oooooh what i really covet is dam funk's double album toeachizown.  i need to skip on down to 360 and give them all my monies.  sooooooooooon.  god it's probably so super funky.  i can't wait. 

i'm bored.

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