good times.

i've done this before and i'm doing it again. 

in fact, i will probably continue to do it as long as I shall live!!!  it's yet another ... spaghetti cat throwback!  a very special shout out to chisa and my husband joel mchale, the only two people in the world that read my blog.

i wish joel mchale would read my blog, actually.  god i am so in love with him.  i wonder if he's into eating blt's?  probably.  he seems  like that kind of guy, if you know what i mean. 

i'm starting to compile a very comprehensive of list of food people tend to over-indulge in.  for example:

a) eating a whole jar of peanut butter (let's be honest, people! this is totally possible).
b) cooking a frozen pizza then eating the whole damn thing.  oops.  we've all done it.
c) pringles.  duh.
d) ice cream. 
e) frozen items from trader joe's. 

you see,  people do things they are ashamed to admit, but I know you better than you think.  I know you're sitting there right meow with a bag of doritos in your little paws and working your way down to the bottom of the bag.  you know what?  it's totally okay! 


  1. Alex. I just woke up from a dream where I was eating an entire bag of Smartfood. Seriously.

  2. I guess that means my code name is joel mchale!