sweet things.

this weekend i was very blessed cuz i spent it doing manly stuff with my dude dudes.  we played wizard staff on friday nite.  i totally lost cuz my staff didn't get higher than my knees.  we ate a lot of zza, so i guess that's pretty much a win.  saturday nite we drank scotch and sat on the porch in the pouring rain.  it would have been better if i had a beard and was wearing flannel.  i'm sure you feel me on that one. 

good weekend, lots of rain. lots of thinking.  sometimes ... you have to wait it out for those sweet moments.  those moments where everything seems to tune in effortlessly.  the perfect photo with all of its beautiful imperfections.  i'm waiting.

this week i'm practicing patience and i want to be more accepting of people's annoying traits.  ask me about it.

today i like this:  yuta onada

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  1. whenever I read your blogs, I just want to throw out my paws and wrap them around you. Is that weird?