today is thursday.

 if you cold be a sando, what sando would you be?  i'm a blt. obvy. this is an oldie but a goodie (the quiz).

this morning i was looking at fatty sitting on the cat rug and i noticed that he was extra fluffy this morning.  then it dawned on me that i never started my crucial painting project of animals with beards.  i also still have not done bruce riding on a horse like napoleon.  i can't wait for winter break.  i am going to drink wine and paint, the best winter activity i'd say. 

i was going to go to parker's waffles today to get a free waffle and i forgot.  how lame.  i was really looking forward to whatever goodness they have on deck. 

speaking of goodness on deck.  a few years ago i came upon this hamburger dress by joy kampia (the fiber queen!) and i still don't have it!  this makes me sad.  although i'm not sure how i'd feel about people trying to touch my buns in that dress,  it's very tactile.  i know you know what i'm talking about ...

when i encountered the hamburger dress, i also encountered a submission i did for the funbook a few years back!  pony face!  i'm still bummed they lost this.  jerks.  but it reminded me about the bearded animal project and this whole entire rant (except the waffle thing and hamburger tangent). for a little while i'm going to focus my energy on finding only meat related textiles.  there's probably a whole market out there dedicated to it and i don't know about it yet. 

tomorrow is friday.  this is exciting news.  i think i'm going to celebrate pay day with some delicious falafels. 

shout out to anna!  maybe i'll do a painting of washu dripping in joolries.

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  1. W00T W00T! Dude... I think the waffle thing is TOMORROWS!! If it is, will you be my waffle date?