well, hello.

how are you today? i'm doing well, thanks.

actually, my voice is kind of scratchy from all the shenanigans of saturday evening. i was only out for a few hours, now i sound like i ate glass. great. thanks for nothing. my dolly outfit was fun to wear, except the lipstick shit. how do chicks wear that crap? i mean, seriously. what is wrong with girls? ridic. all you need is some muthafuckin lipgloss for reals.

whatever the fuck. listen up kids. yesterday i was a good girl and went to the library and listened to chisa yap while i did all my homework. it was good. but i was totally inspired on account of all the studying and what not. i was researching for this project we're doing about the man with the movie camera (see below, suckas) and i found this guy that is totally amazing and i am in love. again! i know.

Alexey Titarenko is so amazing. all of his photos are full of energy, but they stand still in time and i love them all. how come i never heard of this dude before? whatevs. i'm in love. love love love.

here is his website. there are quite a few series in thar that are truly amazing. so neat!

city of shadows:


st. petersburg:

oh my goodness.  let's not forget that chisa and i went to toast & pho!  it was a'ight.  nothing to write home to mom about.  but it was their first day.  one and a half paws up for them, this is unofficial since i'm going back after they've established themselves.  i did peep their breakfast menu and alex is not impressed.  we'll see!  their bacon better be muthafuckin tasty!  ya feel me?

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