beards today.

i honestly wish today that i had a beard. or more hair so i could wrap it around my face.  this morning on the way to work i almost fell over and died.  I'm not even playing.  plus, yesterday i went to eat food with erin and the wind was so biting and strong that i couldn't even make it up the damn hill on my bike.  i had to get off like a totally baby and walk up the hill to williams.  so embarassing.  anyway, it was coldy cold cold and my face hurt from the wind and this was because i do not have a beard! on the upside of not having a beard it's having beard related thing that i can buy on the internets. 

i think karen and i are going to buy some lovely ski masks with mustaches on them. OR buy actual beards from this girl erin dollar on her etsy site.  she's really quite amazing, if you ask me.  i like the shag rug beard especially.  she has a blog that is really neat.  it's all beard related!  like how i'm obsessed with bacon and cats, she's obsessed with facial hair.  there's a large market for beards these days, apparently.  wait, i just realized she's from portland.  typical. i'm just saying, dang. I think once you move to the northwest you have no choice but to be all about beards. and bacon.

but i still want the ski mask. 

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