brighter days.

i am running on empty, kids. in the past two days only eight measley hours of sleep!  how stupid. it's my fault.  plus i could not miss out on ben's funtimes birthday at the red fox.  we ate cupcakes and i drank many wines.  horay. 

the highlight of yesterday was not only walking approximately eight million miles in the rain in really tall heels with no umbrella, but the fact that i made it to everyday music in one piece. this rain is shit, but i was determined to get my paws on that blakroc.  after procuring this album and some delicious bread from the store i went home and listened to it around eleventy times before leaving the house.  i feel like it definitely is one of the most legitmate albums i've bought this year.  top five even.  it's so good.  and nicole wray.  nicole wray!  i have a major girl crush on her cuz she's simply amazing.  one of my favorite tracks on the album is why can't i forget him.

 i really suggest this album. like really suggest it.  if you're open minded, that is.  i can see some people who are very fundamental about their 'types' of music being snobs about this kind of crossover but in my opinion they can eat a deck.  ya heard!?  two paws up!  this week has been that kind of week for sure.  and today i'm having a great hair day which is totally the best ever. 

tomorrow i am going to be caught up on sleep and come to work with even better hair than today.  maybe i'll be able to motivate myself and tell you guys about all the wonderful things i've found on the internets today. 

who's in the mood for latkes?  i know i am!

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