crossword wednesdays.

i finished a new york magazine crossword this morning.  it was very exciting.  legalese.

the last one i got didn't make sense to me at first though.  maybe cuz i'm dumb.  the clue was 'wrong time to interrupt a judge's meal?' the answer was 'when his honor is at steak'  not funny. seriously, it's stupid. but i do enjoy steak, so i can understand why they put that in there. 

this long weekend, i learned a very import detail about the human being:

     the innate ability of modern human beings to disconnect completely with the world around them. 

people can sever themselves from reality in situations even when others are in danger.  but who cares?  no one really does.  just because someone is a stranger doesn't make them less vulnerable and human than you are.

i'm really glad december finally decided to roll through. it took long enough.  i think, i hope, it will bring better days and happier thoughts.  and more makers.  lord knows i need summa dat. 

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  1. OH MY GOD I WAS GETTING WORRIED THAT YOU WERE DONE BLOGGING FOR LIFE! I am so glad you wrote another one :)

    Also, I watched a woman have a massive seizure the other day. When I had time to think about it the next few days, I felt like such an asshole - like I'd disconnected! But thinking about it more, I know now that it wasn't that I was disconnected - I was very affected by what was going on - it was that I couldn't figure out how to plug myself into the scene. A classic case of "too many cooks in the kitchen." BOOOO.