hello, world.

today is monday and this baby is super duper tired.  i find it completely unfair and unreasonable that i must be at work today when i could be sleeping in my bed right meow.

friday my champagne wishes and caviar dreams came true!  i was able to purchase dam-funk's toeachizown.  let' me tell you, i was not disappointed.  it was funky and it made me quite happy.  plus it's two discs long, or five vinyl, and it is a magical experience.

and even more magicalness will happen this week when i get new blakroc.  oh happy day. 

hey guess what?  this thursday is going to be so good.  i cannot wait. i may just sleep until then so i'll be extra excited.  maseo at the fix.  holla!

this is the cut for real.  this song kills it every time i hear it! two paws up, son.

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