horay.  it's the day before new year's eve!  excitement abounds. 

this is my favorite time of year because it's an excuse to dress up, drink champagne and celebrate the end of the year.  you have no excuse to not participate.  i will be spending tomorrow evening with folks at the someday lounge to catch PPP and it will be magicalness.  guaranteed.

after work i plan to go buy some delicious champagne.  and I have tomorrow off, which makes tomorrow even more fabulous.  i plan on squeezing one more trip to the thrift store in honor of 2009.  and also cuz the jacket i've been eyeballing at the stupid downtown goodwill turned out to cost 75 bux.  seriously.  this is not ebay, goodwill.  jesus christ.  anyway, they smashed my dreams of a cute wool coat for tomorrow nite.  haters. 

2009 was stupid.  good riddance.  hello 2010. 

i really wanted to make a list of favorite things from this year, but this week has been super lame at work so i have had the time to do much about that. who cares. 

so here is a list of stuff i like at the moment.  hasn't changed much i'm sure since my last favorite list.

1. tanuki
2. charles shaw
3. dinosaurs
4. outerspace
5. waffles
6. pizza
7. summertime (cuz i miss it)
8. sparkles
9. goodwill

i can't think of ten right now.  maybe cuz i need some coffee.  mmmm ... coffee.

10. coffee.

alright kids.  meet me at my house tomorrow evening for delicious champagne and possible trader joe's deliciousness.  fatty is going to the store right now in his furry pants and snow boots. 

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